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Entrepreneurial projects in Luxembourg: how to get involved.

entrepreneurship in Luxembourg
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Opportunities arise in Luxembourg for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Read on the area and the market specifications.

Luxembourg offers wannabe-entrepreneurs opportunities to start a business and to innovate. We contacted Per-Fredrik Hagermark, co-founder of a local hub for entrepreneurs, The Impactory, who is working on improving the ecosystem for entrepreneurs of any age in Luxembourg. “In the last two years there has been a surge in activity in the field of entrepreneurship”, he says, “as well as a number of home-grown successful start-up stories.”


Straight from the expert, here come some positive tips:


- To create a business you first need to have an idea, refine it, and test it with clients in a rapid prototyping process. Informal structures you can use for the process are community places and co-working spaces. A place with participative environment, working as a platform for creative people building new projects and companies, where members give and get expert advice is The Impactory. It offers a casual space where you can work with peers and connect with similar minds.


-  Young people looking for support for their project have are few places to turn. Jonk Entrepreneuren is one organisation focusing on youth who wants to start their own business. They target youth in secondary school (lycée) and offer mentoring from experienced sources. They also arrange various events, camps and trainings. Their motto is “Apprendre à Entreprendre”.


- At Espace Entreprise at the Chambre de Commerce, it is possible to get help with questions around company formation, what legal entity type to choose, business authorisations needed etc. A team of experts is there to help with administrative details of the founding of a company.


- The Espace Entreprise and the Chambre de Commerce also hosts the Luxembourg Business Angel Network - LBAN, which is a good starting point for finding funding for your project.


A new community space to create new business when it comes to arts and crafts in Differdange is The Burning Network for Creative People .

Publicat: V, 24/05/2013 - 13:53

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