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Do you like working as an animator? Here is the right training for you

become an animator
Do you like “non-formal" training? Do you find pleasant to be around people younger than you in an equal environment? If, yes, then continue reading.

If you love learning, but you already had enough monotonous workshops and classes, then you can explore the trainings offered by the National Youth Service - SNJ and its partners! The offers are placed under the banner of "non-formal training."


This means that in concrete:

• the activities are based on experimental learning,
• The participatory approach is based on equality between trainer and learner
• learning is seen as a continuous process,
• approaches are both collective and individual.

Youth worker
You love the personal contact, as well as being together with young people, and you’d like to develop your own animation projects. Or even taking over responsibility in a youth exchange could be part of the job.

There’s no easier way to gain social skills as a youngster! And it is useful for many professions, as well.

"Co-pilot" animator in a youth centre
Place of animation and youth encounter, youth centers provide a platform for your engagement as a "co-pilot". Assist professional educators in their work or create your own projects. The training, conducted together with the Red Cross, constitutes an essential key for your animating experience.


Published: Mon, 29/04/2013 - 18:54

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