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Student life in the Grand Duchy

student life
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With some thousands of students that make the city lively and young, Luxembourg is an accessible and easy place for those who want to take advantage of everything that student life can offer.

Housing Solutions

The best solution for a student to mingle is definitely to live in the student halls; sharing your free time with fellow students and having the possibility to socialize without even going out of the building you are living in is invaluable, for some.


The university offers quite a choice when it comes to student halls: you can choose between an individual room with private or shared kitchen and bathroom facilities and you can decide to live in the city or in the outskirts.


If you prefer to share a house with other students, to live in “colocation”, you can search for offers in the popular website appartager.


Student Jobs

The central Youth Centre, Centre Information Jeunes – CIJ, offers guidance for the student job search, as well as assistance with the creation of your CV and your motivation letter, so you might want to give it a try; it is situated inside Galerie Kons, near the train station. 


A website with offers from all the job sectors in Luxembourg, only accessible to students, is equally available.


The university offers a service entitled Campus Carrières- ready to help with CV, job search and the like, as well as its own portal dedicated to job search only accessible to inscribed students; this is the obvious solution, for job offers customised for student needs.


Free time

Lately a new service took shape at the University of Luxembourg, the Office of Student Life. The students who run it do their best to propose activities when the lectures are over. You can contact them and take part in their convivial proposals on their page.


Alternatively, you can become a member of the student organisation AIESEC and take part not only in local events, but also in activities around the world. 


The University itself offers some athletic and artistic activities for its students, namely painting, ceramics and other workshops. If it’s sports that you prefer, you can choose between football, pilates, kick-boxing and other classes.  But, if your thing is cultural activities like singing or music, you can join the Choir or the theatre group  and even have the chance to perform in front of an audience towards the end of the academic year!