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Chose your role in the Model European Union

Youth Parliament Luxembourg
Do you want to experience the role of a Member of the European Parliament, a Minister of the EU Council, a journalist, a lobbyist or interpreter? Join the simulation of the process of approving new laws in the European Union.

The Model European Union (MEU) is a simulation of EU decision-making and politics that takes place every year in Strasbourg.


Participants replicate the work of the European institutions in the European Parliament, discussing 2 controversial, real-life legislative proposals drafted by the European Commission. While MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) and ministers of the EU Council simulate the ordinary legislative procedure, lobbyists try to influence the 2 bodies, journalist report on the development of ongoing discussions and interpreters are in charge of interpreting the debates into their native language or into English.


"Imagine that for one week you wake up knowing your decisions create Europe. Imagine a comfortable chair in the Council - not simply a chair but rather an inspiring glimpse into the future. Imagine also the 200 or so well-dressed, bright, incredible and thoughtful people stretching in front of a bar, incredible in the way they think about the future, the moment and Europe. In a word, do not imagine anything because anyway you will end up amazed by this simulation!"
Joanna Mikova (Minister of the Council, 2011)


Who can apply?

Young people between 18 and 26 who are residents of an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey or Croatia.


Applicants should be curious about the functioning of the European institutions and able to actively participate in the debate.


How to apply

Pick one of the 5 roles available and follow the application procedure.



Applications for the Model European Union 2013 run from 15 December 2012 to 31 January 2013.


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