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Have your say with youth in Luxembourg

CGJL Youth conference
Luxembourg is a country with quite some structures addressing the needs of young people and listening to their opinion.

CGJL or General Conference of the Luxembourg Youth is the umbrella organisation of all the youth organisations in Luxembourg. It’s a non-profit organisation aiming at connecting young people, making them share their opinions and interests, inform themselves. For this matter, it states that “your opinion is dear to us!” it’s in your interest to participate in some of their projects.


Youth Convention is giving you the speech in a concrete way. It’s an opportunity to ask questions, discuss, think and work together with other young people or professionals on different topics. Through organised workshops, experts give answers to your questions. In the last phase, a plenary session takes place in the parliament and the deputies discuss and answer all the issues you raised. There is also the Youth Convention Reloaded, which gives way to artistic expression.


Citizen Rally is a yearly initiative that aims to make civic information more interesting and playful, even in the open air!


Citizen Rally is a contest full of games, speed and information; it’s open to students at schools in Luxembourg. Each group of youngsters goes around the city in order to discover 7 different stations, participate in the game of each station and win points. And don’t forget: the three winning groups are getting the prizes!


Youth Parliament is an initiative of the European Union and exists in most of the E.U. countries. It involves all Luxemburgish youth aged from 14 till 24 and its principal objective is to engage you in society and involve you in politics. In short, as a young person, you will be asked to act as a deputy in a way, you will be able to elect a president, take part in plenary sessions and vote in favour or against different subjects and resolutions. If you want to participate, take a look at their website and don’t hesitate to contact them!

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