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Irma, an ex-EVS participant in Luxembourg shares her story

EVS in Luxembourg personal story
Irma came from the Balkans in Luxembourg to work on her personal project as a participant of the European Voluntary Service program. She discovered a brave new world, which she describes.

My name is Irma Hadzalic, I am 27 years old Bosnian and Herzegovinian. I volunteered in Centre de Formation Lucien Huss and developed my own project called RIFF. It’s an idea I had on creating a festival to bring youth together and make them discover new cultures through music, cinema, theatre, food and other means.


I lived first in a village, Oberkorn and then in Beggen, both houses were great, full of volunteers from all over Europe, all very interesting, different and cool. 


In our free time, me and my flatmate and now best friend Anne-Laure, created a 'secret plan': to do and to see as much as possible while in Luxembourg. We tried to do different things; going to cinema or just getting on a plane without much preparation and having a drink in a faraway place the other side of Europe. And, guess what: we both stayed in Luxembourg after our voluntary project and we are still working on that plan and try to implement it as much as possible.


EVS is a great way to rediscover yourself, what you want or don't want to do and where you want to be. But, it’s also a way to get to know that the world is small and available to you and your dreams.


It is very important to spend a year abroad, with other volunteers and Luxembourg is an amazing platform to find out about your new skills and express yourself, develop projects and contribute to the society.


The things I like the most in Luxembourg are:


- diversity in any possible way: cultural, linguistic etc; what’s best than drinking a beer with 15 people from 15 different countries

- walk for 5 minutes and find yourself in a forest

- feeling safe every day, every moment

- peaceful and boring city one day and crowded and full of things going on the other day

-going for a coffee to France, Germany and Belgium without commuting; these countries are within walking distance