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The Great Region Ecological Civic Service
Have you ever thought about volunteering through environmental focused organisations? Well, young Luxembourgish people, this might be what you are looking for...

The "Great Region Ecological Civic Service" enables to develop various national voluntary/civic/citizenship services around the Great Region (Rhineland-Palatinate, Lorraine, Luxembourg and Wallonia).


Concretely, the young Luxembourgish resident lives for one of the three associate regions: Lorraine, Wallonia, Rhineland-Palatinate or Saarland. He selects a mission for a period going from 9 to 12 months. This mission will be performed within a non-profit organization active in the field of environment, nature, ecology or sustainability.


Therefore, the young participant will be able to choose among the following environmental related missions: 

  • species conservation and biotope protection;
  • farming activities;
  • discovery of organic agriculture and wine-growing;
  • forest related work;
  • environmental pedagogy;
  • supporting associations working for nature and environment preservation;
  • ecological building projects combining energetic and sustainable techniques;
  • etc.




The participant will take part to thematic seminars across the Great Region during which he will meet the other volunteers. Moreover, he will have the opportunity to learn and improve its command of at least one of the Great Region languages, depending on the welcoming country, i.e. German, French or Luxembourgish.


At this stage, the GRECS is still at a pilot phase and will allow the first cross-borders experiences and the development of joint perspectives for the youth within the Great Region, as well as partnerships in the environmental field.


Age requirements: to be between 18 and 25 years old. The missions must start in September or October. The attendance to offered trainings and preparations is compulsory.


In addition to regional co-funding, the participating Luxembourgish young people enjoy all the benefits offered under the Luxembourgish law in terms of youth voluntary services.


Beside the below mentioned, what matters the most is how motivated you are to commit yourself!


If you want to know more about other volunteers’ experiences or the selection criteria, please follow this link

Published: Thu, 24/09/2015 - 18:20

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