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Cooperation Voluntary service

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Voluntary service of Cooperation provides a framework suitable for young people who want to invest their time and energy in the problem of developing countries.

During a voluntary cooperative service you receive pocket money and a living allowance. You are affiliated to social insurance and you are entitled to family allowances. Volunteers who live continuously in Luxembourg for at least one year at the beginning of their voluntary cooperation service are entitled to a monthly financial assistance provided by the Luxembourg State. (The amount of aid is 52 € / 100 index.)

Although work experience or special skills are not required, it is preferable that you are already in contact with a non-governmental organization. It can then serve you sending organization for your volunteer service. Otherwise Circle cooperative association of development NGOs can help you find an appropriate sending organization.


The National Youth Service organized within the framework of voluntary service cooperation project alternative tourism Meet the Makers Peru in collaboration with Fair Trade Lëtzebuerg.

Published: Mon, 29/04/2013 - 12:44

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