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RIFF: Live a culture for an evening, love it forever

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RIFF is a project that aims to promote intercultural dialogue trough arts. Cultural evenings with a different country them each time are waiting for you to discover them!

What is it in concrete?

RIFF is now active for almost three years; it proposes one cultural evening per month, where participants can discover a new culture through various mediums. The cultural evenings-workshops are divided in three parts: introduction to the country, demonstration by a native cook on how several traditional dishes can be prepared, which is followed by trying the wonderful delicacies  presented and then…cinema time!


It’s a multi-sided workshop which allows interaction between participants from any background or age. You can get to know the basics on a country or region, taste their cuisine –even go home with the recipes of the food you tried, and watch a film, where you can listen to the country’s language and get an idea on how is life there. RIFF already organised evenings on India, Lithuania, the Balkans, the Maghreb countries, Canada, Russia and Ireland, as well as an evening on healthy eating and there’s more to come. The entrance fee is 10 euro per person and you have to book ahead time, because normally the cultural evenings are fully booked weeks before they take place.


How did it all start?

RIFF stands for Rocking Integration on Futuristic Festival and it is synonym of fun, creativity, imagination, networking, culture and integration. It’s a project that started by a group of young people who live in Luxembourg; some of them come from other countries, and they all love discovering new cultures. “Living in a multicultural city is a unique experience that made us aware of the importance and need to build bridges between people from different backgrounds”, says Irma. “We wanted to promote the artistic side of Luxembourg and for this we have chosen three senses: sight, hearing and taste”.


RIFF also proposes music concerts almost once a year; it’s the place you can meet young people from all around, no doubt. The cultural evenings are held at Exit, Carré Rotondes near Rue de Hollerich.

Published: Wed, 29/05/2013 - 12:15

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