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Luxembourg, no matter how small, offers insight in arts and culture via its cultural institutions. Special events are inviting you to discover them!


Mudam is the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg, offering expositions, events, foires, art talks and much more. Mudamini is the name of the program for children from 3 to 12 years old, while Art Freak is named the program for youngsters aged between 13 and 21. Every Wednesday, don’t forget the free DJ sets at the Mudam Cafe; it’s also the day you can visit the exhibitions for free!


Casino is the Forum of Contemporary Art and offers not only interesting exhibitions and installations, but also a magnificent view to the Petrusse valley. They also offer workshops and activities for youth, definitely worth checking.


On the classic side, the Villa Vauban, a real bourgeois villa situated in the centre of the city and surrounded by a park is offering exhibitions on the Dutch painters, or thematic ones like “Animals in painting”, depending on the program of the season.


And this is not all: you can also visit the History, the Nature or the National History and Art Museum and all of them at a competitive price. Furthermore, you don’t have to walk or commute a lot to find them: the MuseumSmile playfully insinuates that seven museums are more or less situated within the distance of only one mile, as well as one smile and gives you the choice of the Museum Card, to visit all of them in one or three consecutive days.



If you are a music fan, you should take note of the Philarmonie mainly dedicated to Classical music, occasionally featuring also jazz and other concerts and Abbaye de Neunmunster, also offering plenty of spectacles.


Situated in Esch sur Alzette, Rockhall invites big names of pop, rock and indie music scene and KulturFabrik stages indie concerts and other cultural events.



Theatres in Luxembourg, aligned with the multi-cultural environment offer you the possibility to see plays either in French or in German, but also, less often, in the English language.

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