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Making Luxembourg: down with racism!

making Luxembourg
A new campaign against racism and in favour of tolerance, irrespective of national background, race, age or sexual preference is launched. Support the idea and participate.

Luxembourg is a truly multicultural country:  150 nationalities can be found here on total and a bit less than half of the population consists of foreign residents, according to the statistics. The strongest represented communities are the Portuguese and French, followed by Italians and Belgians.


In such a pluralistic environment, racism and xenophobia is the least welcome ingredient; respect, tolerance and inter-cultural curiosity are the only way to secure the smooth everyday life for the residents in Luxembourg. Inter-cultural curiosity is the right attitude, so that each inhabitant can benefit from the enriching experience of multiculturalism. Knowing our neighbours and discovering their cultures is the best way to appreciate what they have to offer and to feel them close. “Luxembourg is made together, thanks to the residents of all nationalities and to the frontaliers (a term used for people who come to Luxembourg to work from neighbouring countries and go back home by the end of the working day). All of us make 100% Luxembourg” states the campaign.


Making Luxembourg is an initiative by ASTI Association for the support of Immigrant workers in cooperation with a number of partners all over the country. The campaign proposes to its supporters to create their personalized t-shirt, where they will express the characteristics that identify them as individuals, always concluding that they are 0% racist and 100% Luxembourgish.


Are you a proud anti-racist? Go and make your own t-shirt right away!

Publicat: L, 27/05/2013 - 14:33

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