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Wellbeing – young people worldwide

© shutterstock.com - mangostock
© shutterstock.com - mangostock
How do young people in your region fare by comparison with the same age group in other countries? To find out, why not look at the OECD Index and the Global Youth Wellbeing Index for young people?


Young people around the world are reshaping economies, politics, and communities, and yet too many of them are unable to fulfill their full potential. The Global Youth Wellbeing Index is based on the conviction that, for our collective prosperity, youth must have increased access to opportunities and services.


To offer a comprehensive view of successes and gaps for youth worldwide, the 2017 Global Youth Wellbeing Index includes 29 countries and covers seven domains: gender equality, economic opportunity, education, health, citizen participation, safety and security, and information and communication technology. With data gathered from international sources and a direct survey of young people globally, the Index offers decision-makers a way of identifying and understanding opportunities for critical youth investments.


By elevating youth needs, the Index underscores the necessity of global investment in the world’s largest generation of young people. It is important to ensure they can thrive and fully contribute to their families, communities, nations, and our world.


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