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Information och möjligheter för unga i hela Europa.

Feel at home in any country

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Immersing yourself in local culture is the best way to make the most of your travels.

Follow the rules

Find out the dos and don’ts for each country before you travel: Remember tipping customs also differ from country to country and you should try and respect them.


Join an online community like Travel-Me to share your experiences and get advice on your destination.


Make friends

Have a seat in a bar and study your map quietly, or ask the locals if they can recommend places to visit. In many countries, people enjoy telling travellers all about their country, so forget your fears and strike up a conversation. Learn and use basic words in the local language – people really appreciate the effort.


Take time to explore the less touristy areas, but follow the safety advice from the UK Government.


For more information on each country or for administrative issues, contact your embassy in the country – you can find it on

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