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Youth organizations. Be a change you wish to see in the world!

Each of you can become the member of youth organization! Join it and by actively participating in its activities you will not only improve and find new friends, but will also participate in a decision making process and will change the world together with your friends!

Youth organizations exist all over the Lithuania. There are a lot of different organizations, therefore, finding the one you like is extremely easy. Maybe you want to take care of the poor? You are enthusiastic about ecologic or politics? Scouting? Or maybe you wish to join catholic, schoolchildren or students organization? All of this can be found in youth organization database. Choose the one you like, contact them and join their community!


You can make a change in your municipality

Youth Council operates in every municipality of Lithuania. Half of the members of Youth Council are youth representatives, which are most often delegated by Regional Youth Organization Council (also referred to as „Round table“). This council solves youth related questions and submits it to Municipal Council. If you have any suggestions how to improve youth situation, contact your municipality youth coordinator. He will help you to contact a member of the council or will solve your problem himself.


…meantime in Lithuania

Thousands of young people under one roof in Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT). The organization brings together national and Regional Youth Organization Councils and represents their needs. LiJOT takes care of the representation of young people’s interests, the strengthening of youth organizations, youth information and much more. The organization is a member of European Youth Forum. It also delegates youth representatives which constitutes half of the Youth Council near Youth department next to Ministry of Labour and Social Security.


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