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European Year of Citizens 2013

Aaron Amat
Throughout 2013, the EU will be organising a wave of events to raise citizens' awareness of their rights – especially when moving to another EU country. So what's it all about?

What is it?

Many people, young and old, are unaware of the rights they have as citizens of the European Union, especially those linked to living in another EU country. Such as:

  • the right to have your qualifications recognised
  • your rights as a passenger travelling in Europe
  • and as a consumer or shopper, buying from abroad
  • access to healthcare and social security
  • studying abroad through programmes like Erasmus.


The European Year of Citizens aims to educate people about these rights, so they can take more informed decisions in their personal life. It's an opportunity for people throughout Europe to:

  • learn about their specific rights and opportunities
  • discuss the obstacles that prevent them from fully exercising these rights – and generate specific proposals for addressing them
  • encourage people to participate in civic fora on EU policies and issues.


What will happen?

Conferences, seminars and other awareness-raising activities and events held during 2013 will flesh out your rights when living in another EU country, whether for work, study or whatever.

For details of events in your area, keep an eye on the official European Year of Citizens website.


In case you need more information on the stay in Europe, the foreigner & passport office FL offers a lot of information.



Published: Wed, 04/09/2013 - 14:21

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