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Unghugar - for young people with mental disorders

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Unghugar (literally “young minds”) is a society where young people with mental disorders get support from their peers.
Unghugar (literally “young minds”) is a society where young people with mental disorders get support from their peers.

What does Unghugar do?

Unghugar has weekly meetings on wednesdays at 18:00 where thay meet, share and plan. They also have open game nights on fridays at 20:00. Unghugar offers group counceling with a psychologist, as well as activities like movie nights, bowling, parties, camping trips, swimming and much more. The activities are kept relevant to the interest of the members at each time.

What does Unghugar stand for?

The idea is to address and meet the needs of young people with mental disorders or other related problems. It is common for people with mental disorders to be socially excluded and at times it can get very difficult to get back in touch with society. Some members of Unghugar are still battling their illnesses, while other members may have made successful recoveries. Some have managed to stay in school or work, while others may not have. In any case, it is helpful for them to meet other young people who have similar experience. Unghugar operates in close cooperation with Hugarafl (a national society of people with mental disorders), and employs the same principles as Hugarafl; peer support, and individual empowerment.

How do I participate?

If you are aged 18 to 34 and have experienced mental difficulties or disorders, you are welcome to join the society. The first step is to call the Unghugar hotline (+354) 611 8499, and arrange an interview.

Unghugar helps you...

  • break the chains of social exclusion;
  • meet other people and share your experience;
  • empower yourself as an individual and gain confidence;
  • make friends;
  • have something to do in your spare time;
  • start your own projects, plan events and gain new opportunities;
  • get better;
  • have fun!


Borgartún 22
105 Reykjavík
Telephone: (+354) 611-8499

Publicerad: Tis, 21/05/2013 - 14:20

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