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Young Icelandic Environmentalists

Ungir umhverfissinnar
Ungir umhverfissinnar
Young Icelandic Environmentalists is an organization of young people who want to make a positive change for the environment. They fight for the conservation of nature, sustainable development and a greener economy
Young Icelandic Environmentalists
What do young environmentalists do?
“Ungir umhverfissinnar” or YIE organizes a variety of events and seminars as well as publishing interesting material about environmental issues on the internet. The organization hosts concerts, rallies, trips, discussions, and open meetings as well as publishing articles, videos etc.

What do young environmentalists stand for?

YIE is a newly formed organization for young people aged 15-30, who want to make a positive change for the environment. Their aim is to promote informed discussions about environmental issues, and to fight for sustainable development, conservation of nature and a green economy. The organization does not have connections with political parties or other interest groups, yet actively tries to influence decision makers. Peer learning and the increased interest in environmental issues among young people are at the forefront of YIE’s manifesto.

How do I participate?

Everyone aged 15-30 who are interested in joining the cause is welcome to join (see below). Members have an opportunity to influence the mission and vision of young environmentalists, and to join work-groups. There are different types of work-groups, for example an event-planning group, articles and videos group, peer-education group etc. Everyone is welcome to attend open meetings and events, as they are advertised on the organization’s facebook-page.

At the YIE, you can...

  • Learn about the environment
  • Participate in loads of fun events, trips, etc
  • Influence environmental policy in Iceland
  • Try out your organizational skills
  • Be a force of positive change for the environment

How do I contact YIE?

It’s easiest to send an e-mail to or to send a facebook message to the “Ungir umhverfissinnar” facebook page. If you want to join, send an e-mail with your personal information to the address above.
Pósthússtræti 3-5
101 Reykjavík
This article was written in cooperation with Áttavitinn

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