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How different skills are useful in practice

Allir hafa mismunandi hæfileika - hvernig nýtast mínir hæfileikar best?
Hvernig nýtast mínir hæfileikar best?
People have different skill sets and talents. That’s why it’s good to think about your talents and consider how they can come of a good use in different fields.

People have different skill sets and talents, which is a good thing, because in that way employers can use the different skillset of their employees to work together on  tasks.  That’s why it’s good to think about your talents and consider how they can come of a good use in different fields.  

While studying you develop certain talents and specialize in particular field. But a lot of talents come naturally  to you and can be used in different jobs. Therefore you should consider all your talents and skills both in your private life, career and  education.  If you feel a lack of talents then it’s never too late to  develop them. Although companies have have different operations, many of them value the same crucial skills and talents in their employees. Here are some of them.  


Expression and communication skills

Here we are referring to proficiency of expressions in written and spoken word. Employers look for how well workers can share information with each other and externally. This applies both in the case of letter writing, reporting, emailing, working in a group,  expressing yourself in a group or how people make use of phone and other communication technologies. Here it shows whether people possesses the ability  to convince others, guiding them and how professional their behavior is.


Problem solving

Many companies  focus on creating new solutions.  Manufacturing  and service business are constantly emerging new problems that require employees to be  creative and smart in seeking solutions. This also applies to decision making and the willingness to take risk.



It’s a valuable trait being able to work well with others, while at the same time allowing others to flourish.  It’s important to look at why some groups are  better  than others . The role of each individual within the group is important. Here, flexibility and communication skills come of good use. Being able to  simultaneously listen and respect other points of view and on the same time stand for your own.



Initiative and autonomy is becoming an increasingly valuable attribute. Employers do not like employees that are inactive and wait for direction on what they should do. Initiative requires boldness and self-reliance and encourages people to greater liability. It is always the initiative of the individual that  triggers new developments.



For a long time this was the most popular talent. However it is not considered wise to have everyone trying to take the lead. Nowadays more emphasis is put on cooperation. Nevertheless, leadership is still a valued advantage. It’s good  to be able to take the lead when needed, but at the same time, willing to follow the lead of others.  



Flexibility is also an increasingly important advantage, since society and thus all businesses and operations are in a state of constant change. There is an increasing need to develop new methods  and to adapt to changes. Often there is a need to adopt new methods, work with new people, working under different arrangements and conditions, as well as adapting to new technology. The one who is flexible has a greater chance at remaining on the same job than the one that is too stuck for a change. 



Patience is an advantage that everyone appreciates and is of great importance when working with people, such as in education and healthcare. Being patient towards yourself, the environment, colleagues and customers is an advantage that will be useful in all professions.



It is always good to look at things from new perspectives. Critical and creative thinking is what drives the community, keeps it alive and in constant evolution. This ability is associated with the advantage of problem solving. By being active and daring to take a stand, one strengthens their creative thinking.


Be inquisitive 

What defines inquisitive people is that they are willing to learn new things, admit mistakes and that they were wrong and acknowledge that it’s impossible to know the answer to all questions.  This is a ability that everyone admires. One who is willing to ask questions and is willing to seek help from other shows determination and courage. At the same time it’s an advantage to be able to admit you made a mistake and learn from them. Inquisitive people are interesting, lively and make constant changes for the better.  


Observation skills and eye for detail 

This is where common sense becomes important. This ability determines whether people are  attentive and if they can follow directions and instructions. This also shows if people are responsible and examine things carefully before they deliver it.

All skills are important, but they can be used variously in different professions. By being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you can consistently work on your talents and strengthen yourself in the areas where you are less developed.

This article was written in cooperation with Áttavitinn

Published: Wed, 15/05/2013 - 15:49

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