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AUS - Alþjóðleg ungmennaskipti

AUS - Alþjóðleg ungmennaskipti
AUS - Alþjóðleg ungmennaskipti
Do something amazing! Come to Iceland as a short term or long term volunteer. AUS is a non-profit organization that hosts volunteers from all over the world in a variety of exciting voluntary projects.

AUS is an international non-profit youth exchange organisation promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service. AUS has almost 50 years of experience of organising long and short-term exchanges combining home stays with voluntary service in a variety of community service projects around the world.

AUS enables young people to develop their personal skills and broaden their horizon doing voluntary service in other countries.


Who can participate?

All people from the age 18-30 can participate in projects hosted and coordinated by AUS. There are no requirement for specific education or experience, only the will to have an adventure and want to give your contribution to the community and learn new customs and habits. Everyone should be able to find exciting activities that fit their interests and needs.

Volunteers from all over the world

AUS is a memeber of the international organization ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange). Through the ICYE network AUS offers short term voluteering opportunities for 3-16 weeks with ICYE STEPS as well as 6 og 12 month volunteer opportunites through ICYE Long Term

Eruopean Voluntary Service - EVS

AUS organizes several EVS projects in Iceland annually, coordinating hosting projects for around 20 European volunteers. The projects are very diverse but most of them focus on working with disadvantaged groups in society. Additionally AUS is one of the most active EVS sending organizations in Iceland annually sending 10-15 young Icelanders to Europe on EVS projects.


This article is produced in cooperation with Áttavitann.

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