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Do you know what Fab Lab is?

Fab Lab
Have you ever wanted to try 3D printing? When in Iceland visit one of the Fab Lab's where you can find equipment and tools to make almost anything.

What is FabLab?

Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a digital workshop with equipment and tools to make almost anything. The Fab Lab workshop gives individuals and companies the opportunity to train their creative talent and bring their ideas to life by designing, forming and producing objects with the help of digital equipment.


The goals of Fab Lab are to increase knowledge of person-oriented production and digital production methods, and to foster innovation in Iceland. The project is intended to augment the technical literacy and general technical awareness of the public. Moreover, the objectives are to create an arena for innovation and to strengthen the competitiveness of industrial companies, educational institutions and students. The Fab Lab workshop enhances the public’s technical literacy and creates the potential for increased diversity in industry by promoting innovation.

Who is the Fab Lab workshop for?

The Fab Lab workshop is intended for entrepreneurs, students, the public, businesses and institutions.


In conjunction with key partners, Innovation Center Iceland runs four Fab Lab workshops in Iceland: in Reykjavík, Vestmanneyjar, Sauðárkrókur and Ísafjörður.
Contacts for each place can be found on ICI website.
This article is based on material from Innovation centre Iceland, in cooperation with Áttavitinn