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Clubbing - a few good tips

Nobody wants an embarrassing finale to a night out on bars or clubs, so we compiled a list of few good advice that can prevent a disaster.

A glass of water can go a long way.

Alcohol consumption can cause dehydration. A glass of water between drinks will prevent this and perhaps the annoying morning after hangover as well. Not to mention that it saves you a buck by drinking fewer of those expensive alcoholic drinks, that you really don’t need. - The goal of going out should always be to have fun, and not to drink as much as you can. 

Tables are to be used

By putting your drink down after every sip might stop you from chugging and tampering the drinking pace. Again! It will save your money and your health. 

Some things just don’t mix

There is a reason why restaurants don’t serve ice cream with steak. Think of alcohol the same way. Mixing every drink available will turn your stomach upside down which makes bad things happen if you are out clubbing.


Eat well before a night out and preferably again later in the evening. A healthy meal can prevent over-intoxication. Slow digesting food is ideal; pasta, rice, bread, dark meat and of course fatty food will help keep your alcohol down where it’s supposed to stay.

Safety first

Here are 3 non negotiables
  • Keep your eyes on your drink. Always!
  • Never walk alone during night
  • Never drink and drive - get a taxi or plan ahead.

Safety first. Vol. 2

Bring a condom. Not just the boys but the girls as well. If things heat up, you’ll never know what happens so don’t just assume your partner has one. Nothing is more embarrassing than a trip to the midwife accompanied by someone who’s name you don’t know.

Be nice to your liver

Alcohol is bad for your liver, in case you don’t know. Make sure you enjoy your self, but think of your blood’s filtering system and drink responsibly.
This article was written in cooperation with Áttavitinn

Published: Tue, 21/05/2013 - 16:38

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