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Transportation to and in Iceland

Travelers through Iceland
It's common to travel around Iceland by bike
Iceland is changing very fast and there are more available ways of traveling than ever, both when coming to the country and when traveling around the island. There are no limits for those thirsty of adventure in the country of vikings.

Iceland is changing very fast, it is not the isolated island anymore, every year we hear about a new (low cost) flight company adding a flight to Keflavík airport. It is more accessible than ever. In addition, the road conditions are constantly improving around the country and traveling the island is easier than ever. It is just a matter of knowing your options and there are many:

Arriving to Iceland:

  1. By plane: this a list of flight companies going and leaving the country: Icelandair, Wow Air, Easy Jet, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Delta Airlines, Scadinavian Airlines, Airberlin, Flybe, Primera Air, Germanwings, Vueling, NIKI Luftahrt, Austrian Airlines, Air Greenland, Thomas Cook Airlines, Transavia, Atlantic Airways, Greenland Express.
  2. By boat: Smyril line.

Traveling around Iceland:

  1. By car:
  • A lot of tourists travel around the country by car and in the last five years, the rental car companies have duplicated. However, prices change depending on the season and summer is more expensive than winter.
  • As you probably have heard already, hitchhiking is quite easy in Iceland. They are a very trustworthy society, drivers want to help travellers (without asking for conversation) and travellers feel safe. Remember to always tell someone where you are heading.
  • Car sharing is also a very popular and cheap way to get almost everywhere in the country. is the Icelandic website where you can look for and offer a ride.
  1. By plane: all principal towns around the country have small airports. Planes are a safe option especially in winter when the road conditions are not the best. Air Iceland flight domestically in the country.
  2. By bus: the only public transportation available in Iceland is the bus and Stræto is the company that runs it. They have many lines around Reykjavík and the surrounded towns as well as the principle towns and villages in the country. The website has a price list and well as all the routes and schedules. If you have a smartphone, it is a very useful advice to download their app as it is quite accurate and easier to understand than the website. Good tip: it’s cheaper to buy 9 tickets at once than one by one. In addition, they have 1 and 3 days pass for the city of Reykjavík. If you are staying longer, there are 6 months and yearly passes. 
  3. By bike: cycling in Reykjavík is becoming more and more popular, as it is not a big city and it can be faster than the bus. In addition, the city of Reykjavík is adding more and more cycling lines. However, it is still dangerous to do it in highways and motorways and Icelanders are not very used to bikers outside the capital. There are companies that rent out bikes for some days but if you are thinking about getting one for a long period of time, the police sell the bikes that have ended up at the police station once a year; they advertise it in local newspaper and in their website. Also, the bike shops Everest and Örninn in Skeifan sell second had bikes. In addition, the Icelandic version of Ebay,, might have bikes as well.

Besides the increase in the number of options available for transportation in Iceland, travellers must be very aware that the weather conditions tremendously affect the roads and that all risk should be avoided. It's very important to check the weather every day both in your location and your future destination and also the website, which contains all needed information as regard road conditions, restrictions, maps or useful applications to travel around the country. 

This article was written by Celia Haro Ruiz for Eurodesk Iceland