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Accommodation in Reykjavík (and a bit around Iceland)

Graffiti Building in Reykjavik - picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr:
Graffiti Building in Reykjavik - picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr:
When it comes to accommodation, there are endless options, especially in the Reykjavík area. There are big differences between high season and low season however, this article gives you tips for those with a low budget.

Tourism is the main sector of incomes for Iceland since 2013. The country expects over a million visitors for 2014 and in the last decade the number of guest houses, hostels and bed and breakfast has tremendously increased both in the capital and around the country.  

First of all, it’s important to know that there’s quite a difference between high season and low season in Iceland and prices will be lower between October and March. Reykjavík has different options for cheap short-term accommodation while you look for a permanent apartment or room:

  • HI Iceland: the non-profit organization has 3 hostels in the capital: Reykjavík City hostel (7.500,-ISK for a private room), Reykjavík Downtown hostel (9.900,-ISK for a private room) and Loft Hostel (11.600,-ISK for a private room)
  • KEX hostel: 13.500, -ISK for a private room
  • Backpackers: 8.000,-ISK for a private room
  • Hlemmur hostel: 14.000,-ISK for a private room
  • Campsite: it is only open from mid-May to mid-September. The price per person per nights is 1500,-ISK including showers, bathrooms and use of the kitchen (Brand new facilities build last summer and this summer). There’s also free WiFi. Iceland is full of campsites as a lot of people come here attracted by the nature and the wildness of the landscape.  There’s at least one in all cities, towns and even small villages as well as in national parks. The price is similar to the campsite in Reykjavík although in some cases showers and kitchen facilities are not included in the price and have to be paid separately.
  • Air B&B: the website is coming more and more popular. Rooms are available for 6000,-ISK and less. 
  • Couch surfing: the well-known site offers plenty of houses where one can accommodate for free for a few nights. You need to have your own account.

Accommodation outside Reykjavík

For those looking for long term accommodation, it is known that houses for rent in Reykjavík are quite expensive compare to the general life of the city. Besides the capital, the rest of the country is very affordable when it comes to housing, remember that the more isolated you are, the cheaper. Finding an apartment, a room or a studio in Reykjavík 101 (The downtown area) can be quite challenging. There are not many offers and these disappear quite fast. If you are an exchange student, you might want to check the housing the the University of Iceland provides (see link at the end of the page) 

This article was written by Celia Haro Ruiz for Eurodesk Iceland