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Iceland in a nutshell

Here are the some basic information about Iceland

Iceland in a nutshell

Capital: Reykjavík
Official language: Icelandic
Time zone: UTC + 0 (no summer time)
National internet domain: .is
Country code: +354
Population 2011: 318,500
National anthem: Lofsöngur
National Day: Independence day  17.June
Regime: Parliamentary republic
Administration: State and municipalities
Iceland is a party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), the European FreeTrade Association (EFTA), the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the Nordic Council and the Schengen scheme.


The currency is the Icelandic króna – ISK. Foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks. Most  shops, companies and taxis accept payment by card (debit and credit cards). One cannot rely on shops accepting foreign currencies.


Access to the internet is free of charge in many cafés and other places if you bring your own computer. Internet access is also inexpensive or free of charge in information centres and libraries.


Iceland was an independent country in its earliest history, from the arrival of the first settlers
in the ninth century until the late thirteenth century, when it became part of the Norwegian
kingdom, and later came under Danish rule. Iceland received home rule in 1904, and sovereignty
under a joint monarchy with Denmark in 1918. On 17 June 1944 it became a republic.


Approximately 80% of the population belong to the National Church which is evangelical-Lutheran. When applying for legal domicile you can apply for membership of any of the religious associations registered in Iceland that are listed in the appropriate application form.
This article was published in cooperation with Áttavitinn, and is based on an article from the booklet “your first steps in Iceland" with permission from the author.

Published: Tue, 21/05/2013 - 16:20

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