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Evan Hassett tells about his passion for travel and invites everyone to discover Europe!

Do you ever sit at home and think: “What does Paris look like this time of year?” Or:  “I’ve always wanted to visit the Vatican”, or maybe: “I’d like to try my hand at skiing in Switzerland.”  

Thirty or forty years ago those thoughts would only have come in the form of dreams.  Back then air travel was only the norm for those who could afford it. However, at this very moment, as you are reading this very sentence, about three hundred very lucky people are hording onto an Airbus A330 heading toward Spain or Portugal, drunk with excitement and happiness.    


Intercontinental travel has changed quite drastically in the past three decades.  This makes travel to any country or state in Europe a thing of reality, no longer of dreams.


I have had the lucky privilege to travel to a number of Europe’s well known countries, from the sun soaked beaches of southern Spain to the dizzying heights of Paris’ Eiffel Tower.  You may see places like these in advertisements and movies scattered across the TV and think nothing of it, but it is when you get to view these places of beauty, glamour and wonder that you truly feel alive.


From feeling the sway of the Eiffel Tower standing over nine hundred and fifty feet above the ground, to the truly spectacular Amalfi Coast in Sorrento, Italy.  You take everything in, the sight and the sound because you realise there and then, you might not witness this again.  It gives you a sense of being alive, of being free.  


I have been to many places in Europe but  there are so many places I have yet to see and want to see. Such as the snow covered slopes of the Alps in Switzerland, and the Acropolis of Athens in Greece. 


In today’s world there are numerous means of travel available. One can enjoy a relaxing cruise meaning you are already on your holiday before you actually began it. Perhaps flying over thirty thousand feet gets you in the holiday mood. Or perhaps you are not the flying type, and believe in keeping your feet firmly on the ground so you take a bullet train. 


Be it for business, education, knowledge or pleasure, traveling to any destination in Europe has never been so easy.

It is no longer a prestigious luxury to be able to travel across Europe.  It’s normal, and life would not be the same without it.


When the chance to travel across Europe emerges for me, I’m going to grasp it. There is a whole world of things to do and see on the other side of the airport’s doors - you just have to walk through them first.  


So when you finish reading this, put it down and before you move to the next one just stop and think; “I’d love to see London at night or Munich during the Oktoberfest”. 

And then think: “What is stopping me?”


Written by Evan Hassett

Veröffentlicht: Mi, 20/05/2015 - 22:19

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