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Cinque Terre
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Thomas Deegan shares his ideas about travelling and discovering new countries.

I remember thinking that my back garden was about as exciting as my world would ever get. Little did I know I would ever experience the sights and the sounds I have in the past few months. One journey after another, exploring the endless beauty of Europe, unlocking my mind…


First night of my voyage: I was lying under the aurora borealis in Reykjavik, and I felt truly liberated from my dull, shallow hometown. And each day after that moment, on each stop of my expedition, I felt more and more changed, absorbing the environment of our incredible continent.


Just one week later, sitting in the London Eye, beholding the English capital, like an eagle, I thought back to my first jumps on a trampoline. I was overwhelmed, scanning the infinite fields. How easily amused I was. I couldn’t tell you what I preferred - spying on Buckingham palace from the clouds, or exploring it on my feet. Interesting as the city was, it was little fun compared to the grandeur of Budapest.


My feet were only dipped in the river Danube, but my soul immersed in the capital of Hungary. A boat floated down the river, gliding through the moon’s reflection. I shared a wave with the couples on board, and the waves of the water carried them onwards. I wonder: where are they now? Still bobbing down the river, I hope. If not for the chilly water, I would have fallen asleep right there, and my dreams would compete with reality, for the first time.


Fast forward a fortnight, and I’m strolling the long Rabbit Beach of Lampedusa, one of my favourite places on the islands of Sicily. The sand was as smooth and tender as hot silk. I stopped to skip a few stones on the crystal waters. The last stone kept bouncing until I couldn’t see it. I like to think it kept going forever, to meet the setting red sun. What a vision that was, one I shall never forget.


So many wonderful, alluring cities and towns I had the pleasure of visiting. Copenhagen, Marseille, Bern, Moravia, Cinque Terre, Venice, these are only at the top of my mind. If someone asked me to sum up my quest of culture in one word, the word would be limitless. I hope to return some day. To wake up in Dubrovnik, spend my early hours drinking coffee and watching people, embracing the unique architecture as I walk through the picturesque city. I hope running through the captivating forests of Plitvice Lakes Park, consuming the unimaginably enticing scents of the plant life. All this I will do again, when I fly back to Europe, challenging its limits of charm, once more.



Written by Thomas Deegan, 5th year, Colaiste Phobal Ros Cre. 

Veröffentlicht: Fr, 01/05/2015 - 17:40

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