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Youth For Europe Exchanges and Projects – Learning By Doing

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'Youth for Europe' projects help you play an active role as European citizen and meet others from different countries. Find out what kinds of projects are available.

Youth for Europe – offering exchanges, youth initiatives and youth democracy projects are all part of  the EU’s Youth in Action programme. But what kind of initiatives are they?


Youth Exchange

"Slainte agus An Oige" gathered 40 young people from Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and the UK in Omagh, Northern Ireland. The aim was to provide young people with a framework for a healthy lifestyle by participating in outdoor activities. Young people tried out different sports and took part in workshops. Each country group also made a presentation on their country's culture and history. The programme helped build self-esteem, acceptance of other people, open minds, learn about other cultures and value different countries.


National Youth Initiative

In Turkey, 12 young people cooperated with a local NGO on a project to teach street children basic computer skills. To give this National Youth Initiative a European dimension, the young people also researched the situation of children in similar situations in other European countries. The group gathered this information, shared their findings and discussed similarities and differences in conditions for street kids in European countries.


Youth Democracy Project

The municipalities of Mynämäki and Lieto in Finland and two youth groups from Kjøllefjord in Norway carried out a youth democracy project in both countries. Aged 15-17, a few of them active in local youth councils, the young people come from small and remote communities. The aim of the project was to find out about decision-making systems and to bring young people and decision-makers closer together. The young people built a Dream Village where the groups simulate decision-making in municipal councils, and examined representative democracy at work.

More about these and other Youth in Action projects.


How to apply

You must be:

  • between 13 and 30 or active in youth work/youth organisations
  • living in one of the eligible countries.

More on how to apply.


If you and your project are eligible, you should send your application to the EACEA or to your national agency.



For projects submitted to a National Agency there are 3 application deadlines per year:

  • 1 February – for projects starting between 1 May and 31 October
  • 1 May – for projects starting between 1 August and 31 January
  • 1 October – for projects starting between 1 January and 30 June


For projects submitted to the EACEA Executive Agency there are also 3 application deadlines a year:

  • 1 February - for projects starting between 1 August and 31 December
  • 1 June – for projects starting between 1 December and 30 April
  • 1 September – for projects starting between 1 March and 31 July

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