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Leaving Cert students from St Cuan’s College with Flying the Coop flyer
Leaving Cert students St Cuan’s College, Castleblakeney Co. Galway
With many young people having received college course offers and preparing to make the move out of home, Louise Lynch, Letterkenny YIC explains how the Flying the Coop booklet can help support those leaving home for the first time.

A 65-page booklet produced by the Roscommon Youth Information Centre, entitled Flying the Coop, is full of advice on areas including tenants’ rights, health, finances and useful contacts and advice for those going on to study in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK.


Flying the Coop has been available since 1997 and has grown and become more comprehensive each year, due to recommendations from the annual evaluations and feedback from colleges, students and the school sector.

Flying the Coop receives no financial support in the form of grants or commercial sponsorship and in this way, is a unique publication aimed at helping young people rather than looking to make profits.


One example of how the booklet can be helpful is working out how much living away from home will cost an average young person. Studies completed for the production of the booklet showed that living away from home can cost students as much as €1010 a month, meaning the total cost for 8 months of college is around €8068.


Often so much emphasis is put on the Leaving Cert results and CAO offers that little thought is given to preparing students for what can be a difficult experience.


The Youth Information Centre Letterkenny is here for young people and their parents to ask questions and begin to prepare properly for the experiences that lie ahead.


If you would like to find out more about this booklet you can contact the Youth Information Centre Letterkeny at 16-18 Port Road or telephone 07491-29640.

To make an order, contact youthinfo@roscommonyouth.ie or phone 090 6625395. Booklets cost 50c each plus p&p.




Publicat: V, 16/05/2014 - 17:28

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