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Irish volunteers talk about European Voluntary Service

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Three Irish volunteers talk about their EVS experience in this video produced by Eurodesk Ireland multipliers.

To inspire young people from Ireland to think about doing EVS, the Eurodesk Ireland multipliers, Susan Scott from Crosscare Youth Information Centre Clondalkin and Shiobhan Walshe from Europe Direct Blanchardstown worked together to create a promotional EVS video.


The aim was to produce a video with interviews with ex-EVS volunteers from different locations in Ireland speaking about their EVS experience from a perspective of a young Irish person.


The result of the this collaborative project is an over twenty minutes long video with authentic testimonies showing how EVS could be a life-changing experience for young people who take the challenge of leaving their comfort zone and going to another European country to try something new, to discover a new culture, language, life, t learn new skills, make new friends and to discover themselves. 


Young people in this video tell about their lives "before and after" EVS and explain what impact a volunteering experience abroad had on their further plans and perspectives.


We would like to thank Crosscare for meeting the volunteers and collecting their unique testimonies and Europe Direct Blanchardstown for supporting the production of the video.


The final version of the video was produced with the support of Ballyfermot Youth Services and their EVS volunteers. 

Published: Wed, 21/12/2016 - 22:46

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