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Hungarian EVS Experience in Ireland

Peter the Hungarian EVS volunteer
Péter Mester, a 27-year-old Hungarian, shares his EVS experience in Ireland and invites you to live your own!

Péter’s adventure started in June 2014. After finishing his college studies in Budapest, he decided to live and volunteer  abroad through the European Voluntary Service. He applied for some projects in different countries but Ireland was always the country he desired the most. He was thrilled when he got a ‘yes’ from an Irish youth organisation, St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.



Hello, Péter. Why did you decide to do EVS?


Péter: I was always interested in other cultures and languages and I really wanted to know more about the world. I wanted do some project outside of my country since my high school days, but I didn’t have the chance until I went on EVS.


Why did you choose this project?


Péter: I wanted to improve my English, so one year in an English speaking country is a great opportunity to do that! Also St Mary’s Youth Centre has a rehearsal room with a drum kit and since I play the drums and music is a big part of the project, I found this very attractive.


Could you describe a typical day in St Mary’s Youth Centre?


Péter: My main task is to supervise the kids and to coordinate activities and games in the youth clubs. Sometimes we also play sports with the kids, like  football, volleyball, pool, or table tennis. The clubs are open in the afternoon, so when we work in the morning our tasks are mostly administrative.


What differences do you find between your own culture and the Irish way of living?


Péter: Irish people are much calmer and more cheerful than Hungarians in my opinion. And they trust people easier!


What do you like most about Ireland?


Péter: The kindness and warmth of the people is the best thing in this country for me, sometimes I’m still surprised how helpful they are. Besides, Ireland is beautiful, amazingly green and I love this!


What have you gained personally and professionally from this project so far?


Péter: My confidence and English have improved most since I have been here, but I also improved my drumming skills and my music teaching skills.


Can you send a possitive message to people who are afraid of living abroad or moving to another country?


Péter: It’s a great adventure and a huge opportunity to get to know other cultures, understand different opinions and perspectives about the world, meet new friends and, in the end, get to know yourself. It improves your knowledge of foreign languages, and you will become much more self-confident after you spend a couple of months in a foreign country. You are in a brand new situation and you have to communicate in a foreign language all the time. And yes, it may sound scary but you will get used to this situation soon and people will help you anyway, so you don’t need to worry. You will realise soon, you can solve every kind of problem. Summing up, I think everyone should take this opportunity because EVS is very useful!


Thank you Péter!


Written by Silvia Corral

Veröffentlicht: Fr, 01/05/2015 - 17:31

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