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Downloads killed the CD stars

Flickr/Creative Commons - Krystina Alfonso
Jane Fennessy shares her thoughts about CD's being replaced by downloads...

HMV closed its doors on all its Irish branches. 

Everybody feels sorry for the employees, who are still unsure about their futures.


I know downloading is the way to go these days, but whatever happened to good old-fashioned CDs?

Lots of people really enjoyed going into a music shop, flicking through the CDs and interacting with the sales assistant, who knew all about new releases and then going home opening your new CD and putting it into the stereo.  In my case this often involved hearing the crash of CD covers falling all over the floor because the pile is far too high.


Technology is fantastic and is making the world a faster place but sometimes we forget that it affects us in other ways too.  We can be so dependent on computers and new technology that we forget to interact with real people face to face.

We, as a society, like our technology but we also have contributed to the end of the music retail business and places like HMV.  This is not all good and maybe we should think about where we are going with our love of technology.


I will always buy CDs, I will never, ever download.

I could have saved HMV!

Published: Mon, 14/10/2013 - 13:40

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