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Are there any famous works of art that you would like to see but don’t have the chance to? Now you don’t even have to go to Paris to see the Mona Lisa or to Florence to visit David. Culture was never easier to access!

Europeana: explore Europe’s cultural collections

At Europeana you can access not only paintings and museum pieces but also millions of books, films and archival records that have been digitized throughout Europe.


This online portal was launched in 2008 and works as a multilingual digital library, museum and archive. Europeana gives you quick and easy access to over 23 million objects from European libraries, museums, archives, galleries, and audiovisual collections coming from 33 countries.


On CulturalHeritageIreland.ie you will find hundreds of articles and links on archaeology, history, landscape, buildings, museums and heritage centres in Ireland.


Now, if you prefer real museums, but don't like the price of admission, you can take advantage of the European Night of Museums where the visits are free of charge. Every year in May, more than 4,000 museums in 40 countries open their doors all night for free or with special passes.


Once per year, usually in September, locals and visitors across the island of Ireland will enjoy the unique experience of Culture Night, a free night of entertainment, discovery and adventure taking place in many towns, cities, counties and islands.


Museums, galleries, churches, historic houses, artists’ studios and cultural centres will open their doors late into the evening welcoming people of all ages to taste and sample free cultural delights on the evening.


Can’t wait for the European Night of Museums and want to go to a museum right now? You may be eligible for one of the many discounts available for young people across Europe. If you are a student, you can usually buy tickets at a lower price by showing either your student card or an internationally recognized one like the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Even you are no longer a student, you can still use the European Youth Card (EYCA) for some discounts.


The bottom line is, there are virtually no barriers to keep you from accessing culture wherever you are and whenever you want.


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