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Kantaa – green, cool, useful and with nice design

Kantaa brings, takes and carries. This is the motto of the new generation of parcel delivery. The news of bicycle trucking expands quickly in Budapest, more and more people use the service regularly. But what is it good for? Where does the idea come from?

Everything has started with Christmas trees. In 2012, some enthusiastic, creative and active participants of the cycling culture thought trucking Christmas trees would be a good idea. The business is getting more and more popular, and by now, Christmas trees are not the only product on their profile. Levente Erős, the CEO of the enterprise told that “the team is working together for a long time in different bicycle jobs and projects”. They realized that the bicycle “as the most effective vehicle in the cities can be used for transporting different bigger objects as well”.


In the capital the bicycle courier is the fastest vehicle. Fast, environmental friendly and it improves the sustainability of the city. The team of Kantaa took the idea further and uses a very weird form of bicycle. These cycles allow them to carry packages of even 100 kg. Their team consists of young, strong, well trained couriers who don’t only love riding bicycles, but also living a green lifestyle is important for them.


It's not about the money…

The goal of Kantaa is to decrease the pollution in the city with their environmental friendly bicycles, and to organize the most effective transportation in down town. They can reach everything with their special bicycles, the traffic jams do not bother them, and in spite of the cars they do not pollute the air of the city. Other benefits of the idea are that they don’t use any fuel, and they don’t have problem with the parking. Moreover, Levente told me that they have cooperation with local companies inter alia with Cyclonomia community bicycle workshop, “Szatyorbolt”, Köles Kitchen and Kadarka Wine Bar. The point is to get recognition “to some initiatives which also helps the effective work of small businesses and the healthy coexistence of the different communities of the city.”


Palm tree, microwave oven, wardrobe?

As Levente shared with me, the weird special vehicles, called Hampi, are based on a unique design. These bicycles are capable to carry heavier objects and most people watch them with admiration. “The regular reaction is "wow, I have never seen anything like that before!” or “That is amazing” screamed a stranger on the street.”


The tariff is very affordable; the prices are influenced by many factors, for example the weight of the package, the travelled distance, time and urgency. The team carries everything which doesn’t fit into a backpack. According to their home page, the package can be anything: a book, a plant, a wardrobe, smaller or bigger boxes or even a microwave. “It also happened before that the guys transported girls to prove their chivalry”- the innovator added.


Already popular abroad

Bicycle transportation is well known in several countries around the world. In Europe, for example in Sweden the idea of the MOVEBYBiKE movement is popular in many cities and it is specialized for removals. Furthermore, international cargo bike festival is organized in Amsterdam for three years, bike enthusiasts are coming from all over the world to this event.


But this is not a tendency only in the European Union, bicycle trucking and cycling are more and more popular worldwide. For example in Philadelphia, the laundry is taken by bikes and the clean clothes are also transported the same way to the homes. In New Orleans almost everything can be transported with the help of bikes. Even in the developing countries like Kenya, Mexico or Thailand, bikes are used for food, trash, or personal transportation. It is supported by the developed countries.


Written and translated by Alexandra Soós

Publicado: sáb, 21/06/2014 - 16:54

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