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Protect the environment, keep a Meat Free Monday!

Are you interested in environmental protection and do you want to act in that way? Plant a tree, make your town more livable on the 22th of April, on the Earth Day and join the movement Meat Free Monday!

Earth Day was being established in 1970 in order to call the attention to the protection of the Planet and as well to have a livable Earth in the future. This day is on the 22th of April every year, to which Hungary joined in 1990. On Earth Day there are a lot of programs in the whole World. In Hungary visitors can choose from very interesting programs, there will be for example quizzes, drawing competitions and even Critical Mass. A lot of schools and nursery schools joined to the event, but probably the biggest program will be the Meat Free Monday. You can find more information about the programs.


What reminds you when you hear the expression of Meat Free Monday? For somebody it sounds terrible, because they can’t imagine a day without meat, but there are some people, for whom it isn’t a burden. And what if we make it for a good aim, to save the planet? The Meat Free Monday has exactly that aim: take care of the nature, the environment, animals and our health too, since at the time of producing meat, a huge amount of carbon dioxide gets to the air, and a lot of water is being used as well.


It seems just a day, when we don’t eat meat, but in fact it is not so simple. If one person, at least one day per week doesn’t eat meat, it will result in 100 kg less carbon dioxide getting to the air in a year, about what you can read more here. Eating less meat has a lot of advantages, for example reducing our ecological footprint and saving money. We can choose other days to do it, not just Mondays. The essence of the movement is that one day a week we don’t eat meat, milk, eggs, cold cuts and products of animal origin. In the United States, where this movement started, this initiative is very popular. Several celebrities, for example Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Thompson or Paul McCartney also joined to this movement.


Our body needs meat, but it matters as well, where this meat comes from and how much we eat from it. Nowadays we eat more meat, than our ancestors. By eating less meat we spare ourselves, our organs, the environment, and therefore we can prevent some diseases, for example osteoporosis, tumors and diabetes. The recipes on this website also help you to be able to keep the meat free day once a week.


The question is that, how can we start it? Let’s begin with the shopping habits. It’s important to choose seasonal products and to pay attention to their freshness and good quality. In addition we should purchase local products. It’s advisable to buy less imported fruits and vegetables, since in those products there are more chemicals and because of the transportation there are more carbon dioxide emitted. It is worth to visit the organic markets and organic gardens too.


What happens when we don’t have time to cook at home? We work or study from early morning till night. It is difficult to find restaurants, which pay attention to their ingredients and to the nature. The quality, freshness, taste and price are also significant, when comes to choose where to eat. Try to find those places, where your viewpoints are considered.


We hope that more and more people will join to this movement, but do not forget that it is a kind of lifestyle. One day a week without meat for our health and for the planet. Do you believe it is worth the effort? Then join!


Written and translated by Dóra Zolnai

Published: Thu, 15/05/2014 - 16:06

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