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A green hour for the Earth

Nowadays the sleeping, the museums and astronautics have an International Day. On Saturday, on the 29th March it will be not the day, but the hour of the Earth.

Imagine that there is no electricity, not for an hour, or for a day, but at all. Does it sound terrific? If we give it another thought, in that rhythm, how people in the 21th century live, the people and the Earth couldn’t bear it any longer. That’s because it is important to pay attention to our planet. The Earth Hour tries to make people be aware of that.


The first Earth Hour was being held in 2007, since then it is celebrated in every March, on the last Saturday. In 2014 it’s on the 29th March. The Earth Hour is the initiative of WWF. In this year it focuses on the reduction of the ecological footprint and the energy consumption. To reach that aim individuals can make the most at home, they can reduce their energy consumption - and the costs of course – for example using energy-saving light bulbs, or turning down the heating. These are simple techniques, but many times we don’t think about them, because the comfort is a more important viewpoint. However it is worth thinking on the long term. You can find more tips here.


In the European Union it is also very crucial to protect the World and to find long term environmental solutions. The Earth Hour is a volunteer action, to which in the World, and also in Europe, a lot of people, settlements, institutions and companies joined. Many cities will turn off the floodlights for an hour, that’s why we can say the cities will be darkened. Don’t panic, the street-lighting and the protecting installation systems will function, which we could get to know from this website. The main aim of the event is to motivate people to turn off the lights and the electronic appliances.


The most important is not to ask ourselves, how much energy we can save by this action! Actually, it is important too, but the main aim of this program is to call people’s attention to the protection of the Earth. Unfortunately we waste a lot of energy, when we leave the house, many times we don’t turn off the lights, or the red button of the extension lead. However these counts as well and as the saying goes: many a little makes a mickle.


Finally what does it mean: the Capital of Earth Hour? It is a competition organized by WWF Hungary. The winner will be the town or city, where the most inhabitants join the event, of course taking into consideration the proportion. Last year Szigetszentmiklós was the first, in this year the winner will turn out in Saturday. It is really worth to register.


Would you like to take part in this event? Imagine that there is no electricity; turn off the light in your home. One hour later turn it back. You will realize how important it is. For us it is natural. But we must take action now, in order to remain like this in the future too.


Don’t forget, Saturday 20:30. Are you ready?


Written and translated by Dóra Zolnai

Published: Thu, 15/05/2014 - 15:48

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