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MyWorld2015 - A campaign for tomorrow!

MyWorld, the international campaign of the United Nations, was created with the aim to collect the views on sustainable development from all over the world. The questionnaire of the campaign was filled out in nearly two hundred countries.

The more people, the more countries

UN, as the organizer of the campaign aims to make as many people as possible regardless of gender, age group or social background to participate in the survey. In particular, they consider it crucial that the world's poor and marginalized communities can make their voices heard. The leaders of the world will share the results with each other, and also they will create a development agenda based on the results.


Simple questionnaire, clear purposes

During the campaign anyone can fill out the questionnaire. You have to choose six from the sixteen objectives of sustainable development, which you consider to be the most important, the most pressing problem in the 21st century. The problems of the poor countries are preferred on the list, and these are complemented by the topics of current development purposes and sustainability, security, governance, transparency. Accordingly, among the questions you can find: freedom for politics, non-discrimination, anti-violence, clean, drinking water, elimination of starvation, good education, gender equality and environmental protection.


So far voters thought that the good education is the most important. The most popular are health, responsible government, and the question of job opportunities. The last one is the access  to telephone/Internet, and the topic of climate change as well.


Hungary and MyWorld2015

Since 2013 March Hungary has the position of the co-chair in the United Nations Sustainable Development Working Group. In our country József Antall Knowledge Centre, as the official partner of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has been dealing with the promotion of the global campaign.


Furthermore, in October this organization will organize a sustainability-focused conference and events titled SUSCO BUDAPEST 2014, whose ultimate aim is the creation of a Central and Eastern Europe-focused Sustainable Development Network.


If you care about tomorrow

Through Facebook with the help of MyWorld application everybody can take their campaign photo, which can promote the initiative.


In addition, an important element of the campaign is a "mobile" platform signed by the UN Secretary-General, where anyone can tell into a camera how they imagine the perfect world. At the end of the campaign a video will be produced from the recordings that will be disseminated worldwide.


The stage is still going its way around the world, arriving in Budapest on May Day, on the dragon boat race between the universities, called the Danube Regatta, where you can also tell, how a better world would look like.


Written and translated by Sára Pataki