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Winning energy in water

On the 22th of March blue will play a significant role. Not because it’s the new trend color or because we are in the Pisces, but because we celebrate the World Water Day. Let’s take a look what it will be like this year.

The idea of World Water Day, that there should be a day, when we really pay attention to water, was born in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, in the UN environmental conference. This day is not just about water and the role as natural resource, but it also tries to find solutions for problems, which closely connected with water. Every year the day has a special topic. In the past few years were in central the ground water, or the connection of cities and water and last year the cooperation connected to water.


As we can read on the UN World Water Day’s website, this year the connection of water and energy gets special attention, after all what gives energy, needs water. Without water not only we, but the several power stations couldn’t work either. The main aim is to find the way to the green economy and to implement the suitable techniques in the everyday life. It is also important to call the attention to the fact that in the world a lot of people don’t have access to appropriate fresh water, electricity and health care service. We use more and more water, and at the same time we don’t see, that we don’t have enough from this energy source. We have to make the water-energy using methods more efficient and by connect them to each other we can achieve a new and cost-effective system.


In connection with the World Water Day many programs will be held in the World. Take a look at the programs, which will wait people in Hungary! There are a lot of facilities for every age-group. Exiting events will wait visitors in several cities in Hungary, for example in Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Miskolc and Mosonmagyaróvár. They pay attention in all places to satisfy the demands of children and adults as well. There will be family quizes, handicraft, drawing competitions and exciting presentations. Spas and thermal baths also offer programs for families. Not only the spas, but the museums will make events as well due to World Water Day, for example the Mátra Museum. Don’t forget about lakes, the lakeside family day at the Balaton promises to be good, where wreathing the lake is part of the program too. More information about the programs.


The world day is a really good initiative to raise the attention of people to the indispensability of water, but it’s also important to care about water on the rest of the year.


Written and translated by Dóra Zolnai

Published: Mon, 24/03/2014 - 21:37

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