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Job Fair at BME - Be ready to make the move!

Between 16-17th October 2013, the Job Fair and the Foreign Affairs Fair were organised at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where the visitors could get acquainted with excellent professional and were welcomed with a lot of attention.

Are you looking for a job or are you at university, but would already like to have an idea about how you are going to find the job of your dreams in the future?


Then we have good news for you, because in Hungary, job fairs aimed at young people are becoming growingly popular and this time, we can tell you about an event that offers professional solutions and help.


In Hungary, one of the biggest challenges that young people have to face nowadays is finding a workplace and getting a job that corresponds to their degree. The presence of the problem is made worse by the high unemployment rate and the lack of experience of young people in the sphere of searching for jobs and applying for them.


The Job Fair of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics provided a unique opportunity for them, because they were welcomed by perfectly well-prepared professionals who helped all of those visiting the fair with useful advice.


At the event, numerous Hungarian and foreign companies offered their services and set out to provide an insight into the work of their companies and the selection processes. The unique opportunity was enjoyed by numerous visitors, the significance of which can be illustrated by the fact that they got the chance to get into personal contact with their future employers, which will hopefully enhance their positive reception at a potential job interview. 


It was a huge pleasure to be faced with the fact that for those young people who have achieved excellent university results, there are several opportunities open also abroad, since in Europe young people with outstanding results mean value.


It’s enough to just briefly mention what kind of services could be used by the visitors, since besides the mock job interviews, CV, career and psychological counselling, even graphology analyses were put at participants’ disposal free of charge, which can all be really helpful when it comes to a successful participation in the selection processes.


If you are preparing for a job interview, then you are surely aware of how much worry and anxiety those basic decisions can mean like the selection of the appropriate dress, the participation in the interview or the choice of the right way of communication. You would not think how much it matters when it comes to making the decision what kind of personal experiences the interviewer gains during the interview. 


One of the specialities of the event was that the visitors were presented with printed material made available to each person free of charge.  In this way, after the 2 day event, the opportunity is always open to reconsult the useful information, so that young people can get started with job searching with full confidence.


Good luck!


Molnár Judit


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Published: Sat, 17/05/2014 - 16:08

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