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Next Generation Woman Leaders

How can a woman be a good leader? How can she succeed both in professional and personal life? Where can she find support to face the choice between her profession and personal fulfilment? Next Generation Woman Leaders might be a good start.

There have been always female rulers, female leaders. Especially after the World War I more and more women became members of governments and the heads of states. Just think of Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II, or Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, the development was slow and women leaders are still in many countries seen as unusual. Furthermore, most of the women leaders are disliked for their accomplishments.


But nowadays, more and more organizations, companies, programs are supporting women to develop their leadership skills. As it is well-known, women leaders are more persuasive, assertive, flexible and willing to take more risks than male leaders.


McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm which offers a unique opportunity for young women to make a real impact to the world. Within the company they organize female-only training programs and workshops.

Now they are organizing a three-day workshop for talented young women from Europe and the Middle East. The aim of the program, called Next Generation Women Leaders is to help women to develop their leadership skills and to explore the importance of the impact women leaders are having on the economy. During the workshop, women can meet experts, consultants and they can shape their own leadership styles. Workshops, group sessions, dialogues will help them to learn, grow, improve and be a better leader. The training helps women to realize, how to identify their strength and use them in a professional environment.

The other importance of the training is connectivity. This is a great opportunity to meet women from all over the world, a group of young professionals with impressive backgrounds, and learn from each other. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to learn about themselves, to get a better understanding of it.

Moreover, McKinsey's consultants tell about their day to day life during the workshop, so the participants can get a better understanding of consulting. Who are interested in this field, can have a chance to join the company afterwards.


The workshop will take place in Paris, between 22-24 May. The application deadline is almost here, the ambitious young women can summit their application until the 23rd of March.

As the motto says, the event is recommended for every woman who wants to be inspired and wants to make a difference. Let's hope for the future generation that with the help of these kinds of initiatives, women are not only going to be succeed in their professions, but they will be also liked for their accomplishments.


Soós Alexandra

Published: Sat, 15/03/2014 - 20:20

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