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Have the wood on this new business: furniture from skateboards!

The team of BOARDITURE is made up of highschool students who started their business as a school project and now are internationally known. I asked Simon Kaucsek, the teams marketing and PR specialist about their experiences and goals.

How did the idea occur to start a business like this?


This year for a subject we had to start a business. In September we devided the class into two teams (mainly on the basis of friendships), and this was how the teams of the two businesses were born.


We have already started to think about what to do for this project by the end of the previous schoolyear. We had a bunch of idea and one thing was sure: we wanted to make something that attracts attention, we wanted to be successful and take this seriously. A big part of this motivation was that our mentor/teacher took us last year to Futuregen which is an event for the most successful student businesses.


"The idea" came in September. We started to seriously think about something that most of our team of 13 students like to do, interested in. This topic has ended up being board sports. With our group of 4-5 friends we go longboarding, snowboarding, skiing and it has quickly turned out that other members of the team have similar interests too. We have been thinking a lot about what to do with this idea and finally Bálint Nagy (director) came up with the idea to make furniture from reused boards. Another idea was to make small, board shaped necklaces, bracelets, keychains, these are made at home by Marcell Mohácsi from wood.


The name was my idea. I tried to put the two words board and furniture together and this is how Boarditure was born.


How do you divide tasks? How did you decide what each member should do?


Originally, we gave everyone a task to do during the enitre year. There is a director, someone in charge of marketing, a product manager, and someone to handle finances. We gave everyone a task they were interested in. Later the roles shifted and everyone began to do what they wanted to help with. For example Boldizsár Terhes was in charge of marketing to begin with but now he is completely involved in making the products.


How is working together as a large team like this?


Honestly, it is not easy to make sure 13 people can participate in the project and enjoy doing it at the same time but considering how big of a team it is except one or two people, everyone is making a contribution to the life of Boarditure. There have been weeks during the year when everyone was very enthusiastic about the entire project but there has been lows too when none was in the mood to do anything. With Spring work has started again and we are all quite active by now.


How did it all become so successful? Were you expecting it?


This was our goal to begin with, but later we didn’t really believe that it could happen. Businesses done by the students of AKG (Alternatív Közgazdasági Gimnáium – Alternative Secondary school of Economics) are always very successful so we weren’t sure at all that us too, Poli students (Közgazdasági Politechnikum, Polytechnic of Economics Alternative Secondary Grammar School) can make it and show what we know.


We began to be known by this Spring’s uturegen where all student businesses had to hold a presentation about what they do exactly. This was seen by many important people and a few successful businessmen were the jury. After our presentation Károly Gerendai, founder of the Sziget festival approached us immediately because he liked our products and wanted to buy a few for lake Lupa. He has also offered us free participation in WAMP in Vienna. One of the journalists of Forbes offered to write an article about us, which we were very happy about and took the opportunity to give them an interview. This article made us somewhat known and we got reached out to by multiple TV programs and shows.


We have also won the national competition for student businesses so we can participate in the international round in Beograd.


What are your goals on short and long term?


We would definitely like to continue the business next year in some way. Sell products abroad and solve the shipping. We would like to develop our image, too, an we also want to hire someone to make the bigger products since unfortunately, we don’t have time to make everything.


Anna Kőszegi 


Pictures: Boarditure

Published: Wed, 27/06/2018 - 14:24

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