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The jewelry from Sweet&Bead is as unique as you!

Are you looking for jewelry whose copy you certainly won’t see on the street? Would you wear special, unique necklaces, bracelets? Then let’s go to Sweet&Bead!

 One thing is sure: once you’ve put them on, you’ll never take them off! Breathtaking figures, magnificent colors, special material, out-of-the box ideas, feminine traits — this is what describes the Sweet&Bead accessories. I met Hajni Sátor, the artist-creator of Sweet&Bead.

How long have you been creating jewelry?


I’ve been in love with this for eleven years. This is when I discovered polymer clay as raw material — and this is where it all started.  Then I saw on foreign websites how many things you can make from it, for example, funny lollypops, cookies, food, and figures one more beautiful that the other. These were colorful and exciting enough to decide that I would like to do such things on my own as well. I remember entering a creative hobby shop and there were only about three different colors to choose from, but I didn’t give up.  Then I looked for new techniques, materials to make my own jewelry even more special. The more research I did, the more things started to get my curiosity.




 How was the idea of Sweet&Bead born?

I wanted to give a proper framework for all this, and that is why the idea of Sweet&Bead was born. People saw my work and more and more of them asked me to prepare little clay things for them, too. Later I managed to contact shops where I could sell the jewelry and accessories I created. This is when it became topical to get a name that symbolizes me and my art. The word “sweet” perfectly reflects this slightly sentimental trace, and also includes the “cuteness factor” which made me go down that road. “Bead” refers to the army of beads, techniques, and materials that surround me.


What kind of material do you use? Is it a very meticulous job?


 Currently, I mostly make vintage-style jewelry. The antiqued line has become very fashionable in the last few years. As a result, I share my home — which is my workshop as well — with thousands of small pendants, beads, chains, and other small accessories.

Apart from that, clay is indispensable, of course.


Others may see it as a time-consuming job, but I don’t. What I really like in crafting is the process of assembling: tinkering with pliers, hoops, and chains until the final product is born. It is said that if somebody does something for a long time, they will perceive it as very easy, and think that it is simple for others, too, even if it’s not. My greatest pleasure is when I can realize my clients’ wishes. I receive plenty of positive feedback from them, which further strengthens my conviction that I love what I do for a living and that their happiness is mine as well.


What type of jewelry is mostly in demand? 


Orders are very diverse. I’ve already been thinking a lot about it — what is the most popular —, but luckily I can say that my clients are very creative and this is what is so brilliant about the whole thing. Many times it is this diversity that inspires me the most. I’ve already had a big lot order with short deadline when at a class reunion hairdressers received surprise bracelets. It also happens that men come to me with very concrete ideas, wanting to surprise their darlings with their favorites. These little background stories are very important to me. But if you look at the shapes and figures, of course, there are simple, more classic, popular pieces, such as owls, birds, cages, or the Eiffel-tower. Glass lens pendants are very much liked, too, because the possibilities are endless with regard to the photos that you may to put into them.



Nowadays there is a wide range of unique jewelry products, more and more people try to break into the market with this. According to you, why are you more special than other jewelers?


Uniqueness is a difficult question. The market is saturated, but I think that there are no two completely identical products on it because everyone adds a personal touch to their creations. As for me, I usually approach things from my playful side, and this is how I can give myself over to extremity from time to time. The “all in Crazy” bracelets are a good example for this. Its particularity lies in the fact that it combines almost all of my techniques and the total effect is insane enough. In some of them I can use up those beads, figures, etc. that were lying untouched for a long time. This is why it is one of my personal favorites.


The immediacy of the artisan, in which this particular, simple uniqueness lies, is important as well. We have already organized some very good artisan meetings in the backyard of a pub which brought costumers and artists even closer to each other.


 If you think back at the beginning, and then take a look at your present situation, how do you feel?


In hindsight, I can pin down the simple fact that with some practice and enough time your technique can develop a lot. I think I’m heading the right way and I’ve absolutely improved in every area, but I’d also like to emphasize that (and I think some of my colleagues agree with me on that)  our love for our hobby or job is far from being enough in itself. Self-management is just as important as creation or as the practice of regularly showing the end result to our target public.


What are your plans for the future with Sweet&Bead?


As for my future plans, I’d like to spend most of my time with crafting jewelry. I’d like to do this as my full time job, and it would be wonderful if I could share with others the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in this area so far.


 Where can clients find you?

 Those who are interested can find me on Facebook, or at different spots of various cities — at the “Bolhapalota” on the Square of the Franciscans (Ferenciek tere 5., 1053);  in Esztergom, in the Holdbolt (Rákóczi tér 5.); or at different seasonal craft fairs.



 Written byTupi Zsófia

Translated by Mária Kenesei