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“You dream it, we make it real!”

Who doesn’t want everything to be perfect on the day when they get married to the love of their lives? But if we don’t have the time or any ideas, why shouldn’t we ask for help?

PomPom Weddings

Weddings and their organization is an unforgettable, fantastic thing. Something that will bring back happy and fulfilling memories even years or decades later not only for the married couple but for every guest present at the ceremony. Nowadays there are so many details and trifles at a wedding that making them real requires the participation of several people even during the organizational period and especially on the day of the wedding. Only few couples can afford themselves to spend months-long, unlimited amount of time on planning the celebration, and it can completely ruin the glamor of the day if it is they who have to deal with the problems occurring during the Big Event. So why shouldn’t we hire wedding planners? These people are experts who can give us professional help in any situation — may it be a difficulty arising in the restaurant or the selection of the decoration — so all we have to do is entrust ourselves with them.


Eszter Gergely és Katalin Bachraty know from experience what it is like if things on the Big Day do not work out the way the young couple planned. This is why they took into their heads to gift everyone with the kind of wedding they deserve.


Their wedding planner enterprise, PomPom Weddings, was founded at the start of 2014, and their main goal is to plan the wedding of their clients wholeheartedly, with the utmost empathy and care, just like the couples have imagined it. They arrange every single step with style, great elaborateness, and attention. 


In the first place, the affianced couple tells them what they want, then Eszter and Kata let their fantasies run free and present their ideas to the soon-to-weds, one suggestion better than the other. Once the couple has chosen from the inspirational images, color scales, themes, and locations, the team of PomPom Weddings starts to create the plan of the wedding on the basis of their clients’ wishes. It is only after having finished with the planning and having measured further demands that they prepare their bid. 


Their motto: You dream it, we make it real! 


Dare to dream big!

It is clear to them that they have a lot of competitors but they are not afraid of challenges. They believe that what makes them different is exactly the fact that they don’t focus on classical wedding items – they rather promote rustic, vintage, original concepts. The more unique a thing is, the more beautiful the Big Day will be, they say, but, of course, they are open to any suggestions. Their creativity and ability to solve problems help them overcome every obstacle. They pay particular attention to accessories and decoration, what is more, they prepare most of these with their own hands, which makes the whole thing really special.


It is still a young enterprise, but two remarkable photographers have already joined their team (Anna Hujber and Zsolt Toroczkai), just like the “Mazsola Kuckó” (“Raisin Hut”) flower boutique. Beautician, hairdresser, and the Labelle light studio helps their work. According to them, there is a growing demand for wedding planning, but people are still distrustful — they hesitate to charge someone else with the organization of their own wedding. However, Kata and Eszter place a great emphasis on communication and on building connections, which is crucial to this profession.


They have only carried out two weddings so far, but they already have new commissions and look positively into the future.  They know that they still have a lot of work to do to become more well-known, but they think they’ll succeed. They wish to concentrate more on marketing, start a webpage where they can show their job, their profile. It is among their long-term plans to participate at the wedding expo, but it is clear to them that they need to expand their portfolio with several successfully accomplished weddings. 


Yet, until that time comes, they don’t just sit and wait, since one of their plans is to organize their own exposition. They are still looking for the suitable location, but such an opportunity would be great for them to make themselves, their team, and their creative work known to the general public.

Eszter and Kata believe that their venture may be successful and with time it will become their full-time job. They think that they would be able to organize and carry out weddings not only in Hungary but on the international scene as well. They have foreign relations from which they would like to profit later if the young couple imagines to say the “I do” abroad.



There is no recipe for a successful enterprise but the founders of PomPom Weddings are full of energy, creativity, and commitment. They believe that their small company will make happy not only them but other people as well. 


Written by Zsófia Tupi

Translated by Mária Kenesei




Published: Tue, 07/07/2015 - 10:37

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