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Miracles are all around us – the “Nolám Naturlabor” (“Nolám Nature Laboratory”) knows it

Have you ever worn earrings or badges filled with herbs? Did you know that some herbs are good for our physical/mental health? If you didn’t, it’s time to know Anna Bajzák and the Nolám Naturlabor.

The idea of Nolám Naturlabor

Anna Bajzák is another great example of the principle that with enough perseverance, determinacy, and — last but not least — with a great idea one can establish their own business. Anna, who has a talent for literature, loves nature, herbs, and every activity related to them; this is why her hobby has become one of her biggest passions. Starting her enterprise was not a conscious decision, the whole thing just came naturally, on its own.

She crafts unique, handmade, crocheted jewelry, bags, accessories, silent wind chimes by combining her art with the forms and scents of nature. Both children and adults can rummage among her collections at their leisure, everybody will find what suits them the most. The Nolám Naturlabor was created a year ago.


Anna fills every member of her “Herb love” collection with sweet spices and grains which are not only pretty but have a beneficial effect on our physical/mental health as well. The items of the “Swap” collection are compatible with each other, so they aren’t only surprising and practical but affordable, too.

The innovation of the “Portable Literature” collection with its built-in QR code makes it possible for the bookworms to wear short stories, poems, or even an entire œuvre on themselves. “I’d like to create the trickiest, most surprising, most magical things possible that fascinate customers. I think I reached my goal.”




The materials used in the Laboratory

Her goods are all handmade, the jewelry and wind chimes are filled with the herbs and flowers picked in her own garden. She mainly uses Himalayan salt, different species of mint, lemon-balm, and lavender which have a sedative and antimephitic effect. Anna maniacally collects every material and herb that she can use up for her creations. Working with natural ingredients in her products was a conscious decision and she tries to broaden her repertoire even further. Recently, she started to use hemp, willow, raffia to prepare bracelets and wind bells.  “I gather everything that’s beautiful and that I can use up. The nature around me inspires a lot, and this is what I try to incorporate into my works.


Something new out of something old, in an eco-conscious way

The Nolám Naturlabor is also fascinating because it involves everything that we call today eco-consciousness or recycling. The particular collections faithfully reflect that we can create wonderful things, no matter what material we work with — new, used, or obsolete. This kind of consciousness is indispensable in today’s world because we pile up a lot of things around us, and don’t even realize in how many ways we could use certain materials, things up. This is how real miracles are born.

She tries to transmit this eco-conscious upbringing to her customers and spur them to believe that we can produce anything from any matter, and the objects created this way aren’t only pretty but they can be useful as well. 


Anna’s latest invention is the plantable jewelry. From recycled paper she crafts a scented handmade paper sprinkled with seeds, then she crochets it around with delicate lace. These paper accessories can be planted, thus eternalizing the memory of the occasion when we wore them.

One of her long-term projects has an aim related to this idea: growing seeds, plants together. She and her friends have already been doing this for years, and they would like to show other people as well the different stages of crop production.  

“I think that everybody should experience the wonder of planting. Not only because it is cost-effective and a great common pastime but because children (interested adults) can practice responsibility while following the process of a small seed becoming the food on our table after some time.

This is the everyday miracle of nature.”



Anna prepares her  products for fairs  and orders but does not keep it secret that what she likes most is when she knows for whom she makes a certain creation. In such cases she tries to identify with the customer and creates a personalized jewelry or any other product. According to her, it is crucial that the final good reflect its future owner.


The plans of the Magic Shop are still being prepared

Her other objective is to open a “Magic Shop” which makes people believe that they are in another world once they have entered the door. “I’ve been passing by a shop for years, and somehow I feel this is the place where I should be.”

She will not merely focus on selling but also wishes to give arts and crafts lessons to the young and to the old. During these occasions everyone could taste the joy of creation, see the opportunities offered by it, or simply find out the importance, the role of community and creation in our lives. Currently, Anna is doing everything on her own, therefore there are numerous obstacles keeping her from reaching the target public — problems that she’s continuously trying to solve.

“I receive a lot of feedback about women/girls not considering themselves special enough to wear lace. This is exactly why I felt that I had to create the photo series titled “Natural Princesses.” The pictures faithfully reflect that unique accessories do suit any type of girl, in any life situation, in any dress. The latest photos were taken by Réka Császár of the actress Karina Nagy. They are beautiful.”

Anna Bajzák points us to a completely new direction. The scented jewelry, the “silent wind bells,” the “nyunyó-s” made for children, and other special pieces tell about us, the world, and the opportunities that can be found in the nature surrounding us.

“It is important to call people’s attention to the importance of realizing what really matters in this rushing world. There are myriads of miracles all around us! The fragrance of fresh flowers, their  petals gleaming in various colors, the crops born from the tiny seed are all ours, we just have to pay attention to them and let them come close to us.”


For further information visit Nolám Naturlabor’s website or its Facebook page.


Written by Zsófia Tupi

Translated by Mária Kenesei


Avaldatud: Teisip, 07/07/2015 - 10:21

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