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A piece of heaven

Dominika Suri believed in herself and was only 20 years old when she created her own business, Domi’s Bake Shop. She welcomes her guests with special cakes, ice-cream and lemonade. Attention! It leads to dependence!


Domi’s Bake Shop is located in a quiet little street. When looking through its shop window, one already gets the feeling that this is not your typical confectionery. This is what’s called visual seduction! Cosy, friendly atmosphere that is permeated with Domi’s love


and devotion for her profession. When entering the door, it feels like stepping into a fairy kitchen, where Domi is composing the freshest, most special desserts for her guests day after day.


Domi's Bake Shop

Dominika is 21 years old, but hard work does not faze her. “I became independent quite early on and started having to look after myself. I love baking, cooking and making others happy through this. This is the way I can recharge my batteries.” And her baking that started off as a hobby has grown into a real profession and passion by today.


After finishing her training as a confectioner, she consciously started building up her business.



“I consider myself a team player, but I was not made to work as an employee. Therefore, I knew right from the start that I would start my own business.”


She spent years thinking about how to make her dream come true. She did her calculations and did some research that was indispensable for the opening of the shop. She did her best to collect as much information as possible that she had to take into consideration when keeping the shop running. She worked a lot and she spent her spare money on the shop. Then, after a long search, she found the venue in the 6th district, which ended up being love at first sight.


“Intuition is really important. The shop chooses the owner and we must stick to it.” And it was like this that in December 2013, Domi’s Bake Shop was opened.


The shop is completely different from other confectionaries, both in its looks, in what it offers and its tastes. Dominika’s main goal is to use quality ingredients to bake such home-made style cakes that combine traditional tastes with modern ingredients, exactly the way grandma would make it!


“We bake everything on the spot, so that guests can watch the whole process. I do not want to make it a secret what kind of ingredients I use for a recipe.”



Dominika is missing some classic ingredients, but nobody would be able to tell. Therefore, those with gluten or lactose intolerance can freely choose from the delicacies and her guests who are following the Paleo diet will also find a wide choice in her shop.


“I try to live up to all the expectations, but it is not my goal to make my cakes appeal to everybody because they look perfect and then, when they bite into it, disappoint them with its taste. It’s important to find the middle way. I don’t want decoration to dominate too strongly.”


She is not sure where all the ideas come from, maybe from intuition, but the main thing is to make her products the most unique and delicious possible. One creation brings the other idea.

“Right now, I am trying to solve the taste combination of the grapefruit and basil Baba shower gel to try and discover what I could do with them.”

She follows the newest creations and foreign trends with interest, but she never entirely relies on the original recipe. She simply looks at them and then lets her fantasy loose.


Dominika has done everything on her own right from the start, during the day and during the night. However, not so long ago, after a lot of searching, she got some help. Now, it’s the two of them using their creativity to produce the tasty cakes. She needed a colleague, because since the opening, the shop’s popularity has increased a lot and she has had a lot of orders for weddings, get-togethers and other events. The selection is getting bigger and bigger and hopefully the shop will soon, as well. It is among Dominika’s plans to put some tables on the upper floor and she hopes to be able to create an outdoor area too.


As for her long term plans, she says: „I don’t have any concrete plans. Since I opened the shop, I have been going with the flow and I have been building on the feedbacks. It is useless to make plans, because each decision is done spontaneously. But of course, I do my best to make the business move forward”.


Dominika Suri is the living example of how dreams can come true if we really believe in them. She created Domi’s Bake Shop when she was really young and it has become the favourite place of a lot of people in quite a short time. Can it be done by others too? What advice would she give to them?


“There are two important things. One is that if you already have an idea, then you really have to believe in yourself even if fate keeps slapping you in the face. It is not guaranteed that we will achieve our goals if we keep pushing it. We should never give up! We have to believe in signs. It is never as hard as we think it is. The other thing is that since it is not written anywhere how an enterprise must start, first you should consult the authorities and get informed about what is necessary for getting started. Afterwards, you cannot say that you did not know about this or that.”


Those who have never been to the shop and those who have never tried those delicacies should start now: step through that magical door, because a piece of heaven is waiting for them inside!


Molnár Judit


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Published: Wed, 25/06/2014 - 10:01

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