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A gift of nature

Every successful business is based on a good idea, as well as courage and faith in being able to make dreams come true even at a very young age. This is what led Zsófia György to success. She believed in herself and created the Vintage Naturals business.

Where did the idea come from?


It all started as I began becoming interested in natural solutions when it came to skincare. It is important to know what we use and what we apply on our skin. The things I used before convinced me. It made me feel good that I was not poisoning myself with a lot of unknown ingredients. This interest grew into love. Therefore, I started making the products myself. This involved a lot of reading, testing and trying to reach the next step where I am currently at. By now, it is not only my family and friends who are benefitting from the positive effect of the natural cosmetics created by me, but they are available to everybody.


Is everything handmade?


Yes, everything. From the first drop of oil to the last sticker of the products.


How long does it take to create a product and what kind of products do you make?


The production time depends on the kind of product I am making. I produce everything upon orders so that they remain fresh as long as possible. With soaps, the maturation process takes about 3-4 weeks, with other things, I have an easier task. If a good recipe was already born, then everything goes more quickly. I get special requests, for example if somebody is looking for solutions to specific skin problems. For that, I need a few days to be able to create the product to the best of my knowledge. But fundamentally, I make cleansing, facial care and skin care products for everyday use.


Where do you make these and how do you know what to put inside?


My home is my office for the moment. A separate creative studio is a plan for the future. I test every product on my own skin. If the result is not up to my expectations, I take away or add something. I use my experience and what I have learnt so far. Before use, I try to learn as much as I can about the qualities of the ingredients and make sure of their efficiency.


How open do you think people are to these kinds of products?


Probably they are a bit afraid. One possible reason might be that online shopping is still not so wide-spread in the sphere of cosmetics. There are people who cannot be bothered, because it is just easier to take things off the shelf. However, from what I have experienced, those who have used it have grown to like it. My goal is not to convince people, I only want them to give a chance to nature to prove what it can do.


You started your business in England. Were you not afraid of setting off in an unknown place?


For some time, my business only existed in theory. I built it up in my head from day to day. Then the time came to put it into practise. I was not afraid, I was very excited. Of course sometimes I got a bit discouraged, especially when I was faced with ignorance and people who were not open to my ideas. But we must keep in mind that every coin has two sides. The fact that life gave me the chance to start the business in England was not a conscious choice. The only thing I was sure of was that I would make it happen. I am happy that it worked out this way, because like this, my business has been international right from the beginning.


How did you go about setting up your business? 


In a bit of a disorganised way, that is probably the best way to describe it. The desire to start was huge, but then I did not really know what to do with this huge step. I needed a few months to brainstorm about what my array of products and the profile would be like. The beginning of this year, I managed to clarify my plans. Since then, there has been no stopping me. My ideas are flying, I go to bed thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it too. At the moment, my online shops are available on an international, an English and a Hungarian crafts website.


What is the connection between Vintage Naturals and Eco Wedding?


The creator: me. Since Vintage Naturals is all about natural cosmetics, the profile of Eco Wedding did not fit into it, therefore, its little brother was born, with which I was focusing on the world of weddings. It is still very fresh. The whole thing is based on my fascination with eco-friendly living and the conviction that even a wedding can be eco-friendly and chic at the same time.


What are your plans for the future?


The most important thing is to establish the foundations of these businesses in Hungary as well. But before that, I am working on the international line with full intensity. A lot of new products are expected this year. I would like to exhibit my products at arts and crafts fairs. I am lucky because I can count on my partner when it comes to technical tasks. While at the same time, I am following my studies in herbal science that I am going to finish next year.


What kind of advice would you give to those who would like to start a business at a young age?


They should put their heart into what they are doing. If they do it this way, there cannot be any obstacles. They should not look for objections, but for solutions! If you pocket is empty, that does not mean that you head cannot be full of beautiful ideas, plans and when the right moment comes, it has to be grasped and there is no stopping you anymore! I know from experience that it’s hard. But if not now, then WHEN? If not YOU, then who? Courage and faith. I wish these two things to all of those entrepreneurial souls out there.


You started writing your blog in English and not so long ago also in Hungarian, what’s your goal with this?


My website is in English because of the internationalisation. I am opening doors towards everybody with this step. But I am Hungarian, I would like to live there, I would like to help my compatriots there, I would like to give something to them too. Through the Hungarian blog, also those who cannot speak English can read my entries and can follow the events. My goal is maybe to show to my readers what I am making so that they can get acquainted with Vintage Naturals and the ’new’ Zsófi. Because a lot of them are asking me in an incredulous way: "Was this really made by you?", because they didn’t know about my interest before.


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