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A unique bag-brand for EVERYBODY

Forrás: Paul.J
Forrás: Paul.J
Are you bored of your bag newly bought is getting into an eye with you on the street? Do you like unique things? Then Paul.J is the perfect brand for you. Not only qualitative and long-lasting, but also made for your individuality.

From a stray idea to a brand


At the beginning Pali Jelli, the founder of the brand, and also the marker of the products, had done a bag with the biggest Hungarian firm, who deal with runner-bags.
“I wore  it for one or two years, because it was very lasting, but expensive, that’s why I started pondering on the fact that there could be something so similar one, but more cheaply to materialize”- he tells. Finally, the first own bag was made with that sewing machine, which was got from his sewing-machine mechanician grandfather:   “one of my classmates acquired a Coca-Cola-s advertisement molino, which use to be at the buffets outside and many people liked it.”
Later the advertisement molino was replaced by the lorry tarp, but the bags were born without a trade name at that time.
Nearly two years ago the story took a bigger turn: „One of my pals contrived that Paul.J should be the name, I just had plenty of time: I went home, I did a logo, a Facebook page totally flippantly, but then the whole thing started, like an avalanche.”


Recycling and alternative stocks

The capital viewpoint was the recyclable substances and the standing. Paul.J bags are made of a lorry tarp exclusively.
The bands of the products are actually recycled safety belts: „I take out it from twenty years old cars, I take it home, and I wash them. Why should I order safety belt, when these belts will be smashed, if I don’t use them.”



 The largest and most popular runner bag manufacturer firm meant the first inspiration to Pali, but there is a Swiss brand, which has a serious industrial background and a webshop too. „They mean an inspiration and motivation to me anyway, but I follow many baggy sides on the internet as well”- he continues.
On the other hand he resolutely says: “I would not be happy and satisfied with myself, if I had only copied somebody. It is important to do something really new and creative thing.”


Here a zip, there a pocket

Between the basic models can be found for instance a single shoulder bag, a cylinder shaped sport bag, a summer shopping bag and a beach bag. The prices are different according to style and size, but basically between 10.000 and 25.000 HUF. The customers can choose from twenty -four colors, like blue, green, wine-red, purple, so the boys and also the girls can find their favorites. What makes it really personal, that Pali deals with unique orders too: „if somebody saw or dreamed a very good bag, I tell him in the framework of a personal interview then, how can I work it out on a fair price”.
Usually the customers can select the model with the help of the ordering- application which will be found soon on the website of the brand. Then an email change follows it, after all starts the manufacturing process. The narrow-wider circle of friends constituted the loyalty circle till now: „I am attached to all bags on some kind of level, because the customers are near to me as well”- he tells.

Where longer? 

Pali, who has been studying light industry, thinks that Paul.J is rather a hobby: “ if I should have to stop it because of the circumstances, I would be glad to do this a couple of years, but I would surely miss it, since I did not try it how is life without it”- he says. If everything looks promising he will not have to try it, because somebody has already been interested in the foreign country marketing and the English version of the site is in progress. The collection is expanded by new models: recently the first Paul.J guitar case, even a really exclusive harp case. “There are many people who have his own electric guitar built. They are likely to have the case made then. It seems to be an untapped market yet”– Pali tells.
The optimization of the production is under way too, with the aim that more time should be left over onto the planning of the bags and the creativity.
„The creation, the realization of the ideas, that really motivates me, the money is only a device onto the extension of my opportunities. I hope that this whole thing will be able to make itself. If I invest the amount of money coming in from the bags back into the firm, it can increase then”- he hopes.


Sára Pataki


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Published: Sun, 06/04/2014 - 17:51

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