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The future family friendly coworking is already present!

More and more solutions are born in the world of work to provide for the changing needs of employees. Flexible hours, coworking and now not only can we take our furry friend to the office but our child too.

Maybe these needs are not at all new, but have always been present. Sadly the average office worker had no chance, for example in the fifties to take a dog to work to reliev stress or a working mother didn’t have the opportunity to go to the room nextdoor to see her child during a break.

People do not change but circumstances do become more accomodating and human over time. Needless to say, these changes don’t happen on their own, there alays has to be people who make the unheard and ignored needs heard and voiced. In this case this person was Kata Klementz, co-founder of Loffice, when she and her team came up with the idea of a space in a coworking office, where workers can make sure their children are looked after  by professionals.

What is the Coworkid?


The solution, called Coworkid is the child of the coworking space Loffice in Budapest, was invented to provide better possibilities for fathers and mothers with small children and is currently being tested. The idea itself is not new, all around the world there are similar constructions (not only in coworking offices) to make sure parents can be near their children during working hours.

The inventors of the idea are highly experienced in different aspects of this field. Kata and Panni Klemetz have already developed a similar project in 2012 in a Wienna office and now they are utilizing their experience on the Hungarian market. Their partner Andrea Szablár has gained experience as mom of two kids and while working for a multinational company.

The gap is clear

Every year around 90 thousand children are born in Hungary, which means roughly 200 thousand would need daycare under the age of 3, while all daycare spots (private and public) together are less than 40 thousand. For many of us it is a clear childhood memory that when our parents were too busy, our grandparents came to look after us, but this is nowhere near possible for many families out various reasons. It is also certain that most Hungarian families definitely cannot afford being one income family. The gap is clear: parents can’t work if there is none to take care of their children.

According to a survey conducted by Loffice, the problem is not with the parents’ attitude towards work. The research showed that the focus group is very much willing to do something against isolation and economic troubles. They appear to be flexible and motivated.

In 2019, after being tested the daycare service will be available fulltime to parents working at Loffice in Paulay street, at some additional cost to what the parents are already paying as rent for the coworking space.



The main idea and goal of the initiation was put in words by Kata Klemetz and summarize the importance of helping working parents equally well: „We believe that anyone can be a good parent and successful at their job at the same time. We provide space and professional program to those with small children to reach their possibilities without having to feel guilty about abandoning their parental duties. We are working so that they don’t have to choose between family and carreer, since for building harmony between private and worklife providing infrastructure is not enough – our aim is to make an inspiring, supportive and helpful community.

Let’s hope that projects like this will start to multiply all over Budapest and the entire country, since no matter how good the family policy of a government is, it can’t substitute for suitable circumstances provided for parents, so that they can work and raise their children at the same time successfully, without having to give up one. Providing these circumstances is possibly the best way to make young people feel existentially safe enough to start families.


Anna Kőszegi


Képek: Pexels/Abdullah Öğük, Pixabay/jeniffertn