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Build your online profile consciously

The role of social media is not only significant in communication, but also plays a part during employment, thus it is important to develop our profile consciously. We are going to show you, what you might want to pay attention to.

The times, when a well-constructed motivation letter and a CV was enough for getting a job, has passed. Today the main platform of HR workers is the surface of social media. No wonder, since Facebook only, has 1.6 billion members. According to the latest studies, more and more HR assistants check the candidates’ over social media, even before having a look at their CVs. This is how it happens more and more ofthen, that possible future employees lose the opportunity because they haven’t thought twice before posting something the evening before.


It is not only a rough party photo that could scare off any HR expert. People sometimes tend to rant about their job or workplace over public forums, and no doubt this is not something especially appealing for the eyes of a future employer. According to a survey, carried out by Jobvite, 66 percent of experts delete and application if the sender of the document posts texts full of spelling and grammar errors. Mistakes likes this are likely to mean that the candidate is similarly messy in other fields of life, such as work. Experts question the suitability of the candidate if they come across cursing, anything drug-related or sexual references as well. Of course one or two mistakes are forgivable, but if someone is constantly posting questionable content, they probably wont make the best impression.


Jobvite’s 2015 research had also clearly shown, that 92 percent of HR assistants checks candidates over social media. 87 percent of them starts looking over LinkedIn. The second favorite surface to use is Facebook and Twitter is the third. Only 4 percent of employers said that they don’t check candidates online.


Lately, using social media in the HR department has become important from another viewpoint too. More and more employers use these sites for recruiting as well. For the companies, who wish to work with millenials especially, the online profiles serve as perfect filters.


For a good job offer to just miraculously fall in your arms, you really do have to build our personal brand consciously, using mainly online surfaces. Today we are practically products on the job market, which means if we don’t have good adertisment, we don’t show what we are good at, we get lost very quickly. Today experts with similar knowledge, job experience flood the market, it is really needed to distinguish ourselves with something, that makes us a better employee than the rest.

However, our personal brand is actually what they say about us when we leave the room. With conscious work we can achieve  that these values won’t stick to us accidentally but work out exactly the way we want them to. It is important for the achievements to be concentrated to one field, but we shouldn’t want to be perfect, because that will seem unauthentic. You might as well want to pay attention to being represented constantly, because people tend to think, that those who are seen more are actually better than the other candidates. Building our own brand actually means selling ourselves to others with good marketing.


Eszter Rubin

Tanslator: Anna Kőszegi



Képek forrása: Forbes



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Published: Fri, 01/09/2017 - 12:36

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