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Finding jobs in Eurpoe: To have a starting point

Everyone encounters difficulties during the process of finding a job. You may find it problematic to write your CV or prepare for a job interview. Therefore, it is necessary to decide what we want to do exactly. In order to achieve this, great help is provided by the webpage of Europeanjobdays.

If you are open to be involved in new challenges, and you may even move to another country for the sake of starting a new job, you are worth familiarising yourself with the Europeanjobdays webpage.


What does Europeanjobdays offer?


Europeanjobdays is the ideal starting point for you if you are unemployed, looking for new opportunities, or you lack the skills you expect to get at a workplace. This portal functions as a platform where one can find the ideal job and internship offer, but useful work-related advice can also be found here.


Apart from the so-called Job Days, which is organised all around Europe, in the framework of this initiative, everyone is able to search and select among the offers at home, in an online format. The program involves 32 countries, and those interested can offer or look for jobbs in almost every field of the labour market. Even a freshman can be lucky enough to get a promising job with the help of this site, but experienced experts and those considering a change of work area can pop into new opportunities. Employers, on the other hand, may freely look for the ideal employee by skimming through Cvs uploaded to the database.


The first steps


After opening the portal, the main page it leads to can be accessed in English; however, on the bottom of the page, there is a possibility to choose another European language, such as German, French, Croatia, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Slovenian. This suggests that you may strongly rely on your foreign language knowledge already during the process of looking for a job.


How to use the portal?


First of all, all the news, events and partners can be found on the main page, while by clicking on the All jobs menu, you can access the job offers immediately. In case you intend to look for a job here, it is first worth registering on the platform by using the Create Account button. During the registration period, they expect you to provide information on your work experience and some personal data as well. There is also a possibility to apload a CV and the online address of a LinkedIn profile. If the registration appears to be successful, there is nothing left but start the job hunt”.


The process of searching for jobs


In order to make finding the most suitable job less difficult, a search fielter menu can be used, by which you can add or delete filter criteria. Among others, adding key words, your profession, a target country and the sector you are interested in make the process easier. It is important, however, that the blue Apply button, by which one can apply for a job, can only be used if you are registered on the site.


All in all, this portal is a practical, quick and user-friendly tool. Good luck!


Holczer Mónika


Translated by Dóra Horváth

Published: Mon, 17/10/2016 - 13:08

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