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HVG Job Fair – Start being conscious of your career!

HVG Állásbörze 2014
HVG Állásbörze 2014
HVG Job Fair was held between 26-27th of February where job-seekers could meet the exhibitors personally. Job-seeking is going on, you can still attend the online event and fill in the vacant positions till 14th of March!

HVG Job Fair is held two times per year where thousands of positions and educational opportunities are offered to the guests. Besides the concrete offers visitors could get to know how to start the process of finding a job in the framework of the presentations held by experts in the field.


In spite of job fairs organized by universities this event was not shaped according to the needs of university students however most of the exhibitors were pleased to employ students in the framework of internships. As the internship is usually the stepping stone in the long journey to reach the career dream; the experiences gained during the internship period could be determining and could have a great impact on integrating to the labor market. The highly qualified experts gave advices personally, the luckiest ones could hear some secrets which could mean a great potential in the process of selection. The vast majority of the exhibitors gave general advices: educational tips, list of languages they prefer but visitors could also meet exhibitors who shared the concrete type of projects which they would have to solve during an interview.


Experienced HR colleagues shared their valuable experiences with the audience during their presentations. Visitors could get to know how and where to start searching a new job, what to wear and how to present themselves during the interview; in one word how to be more confident. They also heard some tricks how to discuss about the wage. The best tactics is to wait whatever happens. Wages could be increased in only one case; if the employer tells his/her idea first. Our ideas could be decreased in a bargaining process but the subject of the interview could also loss from his or her expectations if the sum of the wage is lower than the sum calculated by the employer but he does not share it. The presentations were completed with exercises; test interviews, career consultancy, graphology and CV consultations were waited for the visitors showed their interest before.


As the key of the success lies in you, you have to fulfill the educational requirements in order to fill in the appropriate job. Organizers separated a huge territory to the exhibitors coming from the field of education. The representatives of universities, language schools and civil organizations offered alternative opportunities to the segment of society who is not able to participate in higher education system but they are interested in e-learning or being a volunteer. Besides gaining information about these possibilities there was a corner for the visitors to test their language knowledge in a test language exam.


Organizers also ensured the possibility of job-seekers who were not able to present themselves personally to fill in the vacant positions. After the online registration they can apply to the jobs announced as well. It is worth to try as the system is able to reduce the number of jobs according to the preferences chosen from the list. Don’t be late, you have only a few days left!


Vandlik Mária


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Published: Thu, 13/03/2014 - 00:05

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